Telepathy ... and identical twins

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Telepathy ... and identical twins

My grandmother had TWO sets of idemtical twins ... and one non-identical.

Wanna talk "telepathy"?

My aunt married a Canadian soldier after WW2 and went to live in Vancouver ... thousands of miles away from her identical twin sister (who lived in the UK) There were several very clear instances of telepathy between them when "something happened". ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT TELEPATHY EXISTS! (as far as my family are concerned).

I'm not a twin ...but I experience "telepathy" ... on a daily basis (most times just "trivial" stuff).

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If you are hearing the

If you are hearing the thoughts of other people, go to your doctor.

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NO, IT'S NOT A PROOF! You haven't scientifically documented the cases, so we are really dealing with private claims that do not constitute reliable, testable public knowledge. You haven't examined the role of random chance, and don't assume you know all about probability unless you have a degree in math. (You'd be surprised at how many strange things can happen among billions of people!) You haven't evaluated the role of selection bias, both in selecting events (after the fact) as well as ignoring failures, which hugely affects the odds. Finally, you have not provided a mechanism to support telepathy. The four fundamental forces can be ruled out beyond a reasonable doubt, so you had better invent a 5th force to do the job! But, that brings its own set of intractable problems.

Sorry, NO SALE!

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And all you would have to do

And all you would have to do is PROVE IT to be a millionaire.

Czech Skeptics' Club Sisyfos - $160,671, To anyone who can prove to possess paranormal abilities in areas such as clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, rhabdomancy,

China, Sima Nan, 1,000,000 Chinese yuan to anyone who can perform one act of "special ability” without cheating."

India, Tarksheel Society, 10,000,000 Indian rupees to anyone who can perform any of 22 specified "miracles". The entry fee is 10,000 INR.

United States, Independent Investigations Group, 100,000 dollars to anyone who can show, 'under proper observing conditions', evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event." The person who refers a successful applicant to the IIG earns US$5,000.

Australia, Australian Skeptics, 100,000 Australian dollars, For proof of the existence of extrasensory perception, telepathy, or telekinesis.

India, Science and Rationalists' Association of India, Prabir Ghosh, $75,055, Prabir Ghosh will award the prize "to any person of this world who can demonstrate his/her supernormal power by performing any one of the following activities without taking help of any hoax/trick at my designated place and circumstances."

New Zealand, Stuart Landsborough, New Zealand Skeptics, $70,791, to anyone who could prove by psychic ability that they can indicate the exact location" of two halves of a promissory note hidden within an area of 100 metres inside Stuart Landsborough's Puzzling World. Over the years, the search area has been reduced from 5 kilometres to 100 metres and the prize doubled, but the note split in two to reduce the chance of winning by sheer luck.[19] Contestants have to donate NZ$1,000 to charity if they fail.

Italy, Alfredo Barrago's Bet, CICAP, $60,737. shown at least a 'phenomenon' produced by 'medium, seers, sensitive etc.' of paranormal nature."

Belgium, SKEPP Sisyphus Prize, $30,368,

Great Britain, Association for Skeptical Enquiry, o any person who could prove to possess magical powers before the media and scientists." The initial amount of £2,000 was increased fivefold in 2006 to attract more applicants.

Estonia, Eesti Skeptik, $12,147 To anyone who can prove paranormal abilities.

Germany, GWUP, $12,147 To anyone who can prove paranormal abilities

Sweden, Swedish Humanist Association, $11,550 o anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal or supernatural ability for which no scientific explanation can be found.

Canada, Les Sceptiques du Quebec, $7785 "Just a small fact, observable or verifiable through experiment" of a paranormal phenomenon.

Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Rationalist Association, $6341 Professor Carlo Fonseka renewed Abraham Kovoor's challenge.

United States, Fayetteville Freethinkers, $5000 for any demonstration of supernatural claims"

Mexico, Daniel Zepeda, $1074 "To anyone who can show, under proper observational and replicable conditions, evidence of a paranormal, supernatural or occult power for which science has no answer.

United States, JREF, One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, $1,000,000

France, Gérard Majax, Henri Broch, Jacques Theodor, International Zetetic Challenge, $242,949 Mediums and clairvoyants were challenged to show their powers, but all 275 candidates allegedly failed.[


SERIOUSLY: Don't bother people with your BS until you can show them the money. BS claims about magical abilities have NEVER been substantiated. NEVER Not one person has ever won any of the awards and there are thousands. ALL SUPERNATURAL CLAIMS HAVE BEEN DEBUNKED.

You are lying to yourself and lying to others. If anyone had any supernatural abilities, Las Vegas would go bankrupt in a single day. Stop believing in BS. You need professional help!

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A friend of mine rather

A friend of mine rather foolishly went to a "professional" psychic ... one who advertises that they can solve ALL people's problems, The psychic told her that 3 years ago a woman had put a curse on her ... and offered to remove the curse ...for £800. Around three years earlier my friend had had a major row with a woman. Her mother had recently given her £800. I had great difficulty in persuading my friend not to go back to the psychic.

Clairvoyance is interesting ...what do you thnk is going on in the thousands of Spiritualist churches that are found all over the world? Here in the UK every town usually has at least one. In the town I live in there are 2 is at a place called Paganhill.

I told both my younger brothers to go see their doctors ... I saw colours on them that indicated that they had active illness. They ignored me. A year or so later they were both diagnosed with Stage 4 cancers.

Have you noticed how people who are on psychiatric drugs move? When I walk around the streets I see an awful lot of people "under the influence" of psychiatric medication. Recently I've needed hospital treatment (enlarged prostate ... not psychiatric treatment!)... what are some of the nurses (mainly nurses) on? Prescription Benzodiazepines? (and sometimes something "stronger").

Bill and Hillary Clinton are "into" Spiritualism ... they consult with psychics ... especially Hillary. (is she a bleeding witch? he he).

If you wanna "investigate" the weirder side of human experience and belief check out:

New Thinking Allowed

If you don't believe in this stuff just "have fun" listening to a bunch of crazies (some of them are!)

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Umm, you have asserted that

Umm, you have asserted that absolute proof exists. Please provide that proof.

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@ "Have you noticed how

@ "Have you noticed how people who are on psychiatric drugs move? When I walk around the streets I see an awful lot of people "under the influence" of psychiatric medication."

AKA: "The Thorazine Shuffle" So named because of the drugged out people in Nursing Homes all across America. They keep most of the old folks and psych ward residents drugged out of their minds on Thorazine. It keeps them aimlessly wandering the halls and talking to air people who they happen to pass. It also enables them to comprehend the ramblings of fellow residents so they can spend hours articulating incomprehensible sounds to one another and still feel as if a real conversation is happening.

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Absolute proof ... but only

Absolute proof ... but only to those directly involved.

A 'Psychosis screening questionaire'...widely used ...asks:

Do you sometimes think that your mind is being directly controlled or influenced by some outside force or person (words to that effect)
If the answer is yes then there follows a question about telepathy
If the answer is again yes ...then one is clinically 'Psychotic'

One of Britain's top psychiatrists has declared:

Telepathy is impossible ...all people who believe they have telepathic experiences are mentally ill.

On the other hand another top psychiatrist has said:

Psychiatrists who don't believe in telepathy should find another profession.

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"Absolute proof ... but only

"Absolute proof ... but only to those directly involved."

That's subjective anecdotal testimony, not absolute proof. I don't think absolute proof is possible either, only enough evidence to establish something as an objective fact beyond any reasonable doubt. The claims you're making are falsifiable, this means their validity could easily be tested by the scientific method.

Should I turn on the news channel, or can we assume telepathy is still a subjective claim?

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Did either of these "top

Did either of these "top psychiatrists" offer any peer reviewed case studies?

I've seen some appeal to authority fallacies in my time, but that was spectacular fair play.

"Yesterday I spoke to the best psychiatrist that's ever lived, and she said telepathy is nonsense. I win..."

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@ On the other hand another

@ On the other hand another top psychiatrist has said:
"Psychiatrists who don't believe in telepathy should find another profession."

"TOP PSYCHIATRIST" I call bullshit! Cite your source.

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A woman Microsoft Messenger

A woman Microsoft Messenger acquaintance of mine, who I'd had no contact with for a couple of years, who had never spoken about her mother, greeted me on Messenger. As she typed her next message I sent: "How's your mother?" She completed her message and sent it: Her mother was in hospital. When I read her greeting a thought went through my head: "Her mother's ill".

After not having had any communication with my brother for some weeks I felt an urge to ring him. I picked up the phone ...and he was on the other end. I hadn't dialed ...the phone hadn't rung.

Just a couple of examples of what my life is like ... it's enough to drive one mad, eh? Directly "picking up" the thoughts of others "at a distance". I've met lots of people who have such experiences ... and, as a consequence, accept that telepathy is a reality. People who are suffering from overt mental illness seldom believe in telepathy.

I'm not a believer in God because I've never had a telepathic conversation with him ... if he existed he'd no doubt convince me of his existence by getting in contact.

Telepathy has something to do with what goes on in one's Anterior cingulate cortex.

'The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) lies in a unique position in the brain, with connections to both the “emotional” limbic system and the “cognitive” prefrontal cortex.'

One day, maybe, I'll annoy people so much with all this talk about telepathy that they'll tear me apart ...and one group will cart part of me off to burn at the stake as an heretic whilst the other, more logical, group will examine my brain to try and find out what's wrong with it.

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Unexplained phenomena are

Unexplained phenomena are unexplained phenomena, you need to stop making assertions based on not being able to explain things. It's called an argument from ignorance fallacy.

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That's not telepathy, it's

That's not telepathy, it's just life. Stuff happens like that all the time. I confess I haven't read all the entire thread, it's just that everybody is asleep but I want to talk.

Twins are indeed a whole 'nother category, though. I'm not sure if it's telepathic, but more of they just know each other so well. I also think they will intentionally change the scenario to prove an event is telepathic.

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I hear voices when I open

I hear voices when I open jars of peanut butter. If you listen closely to the sucking sound you can hear the voices of dead confederate soldiers who died in the peanut fields during the civil war. I have been listening to them for years but to be honest, most of them just sound nuts!

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President Carter was a peanut

President Carter was a peanut farmer ... now we know why he made such a mess of being President ...

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Was it the pea? or the nut? Or neither?



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FYI peanuts are not nuts,

FYI peanuts are not nuts, they're legumes.

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My father was a builder. He

My father was a builder. He was working alone and fell through a window ...badly gashing his arm ...blood everywhere. Fortunately he knew first aid and was able to stop the bleeding and get to a hospital. His twin brother was working in a factory ... he left his job, mid afternoon and came round to our house. The first thing he said on arriving was: "Something's happened to Dave". He stayed until my father was brought home in an ambulance several hours later. At the precise moment my aunt in Vancouver, Canada was being told by a doctor that they expected her infant son to die from meningitis her twin sister in London became "very distressed" whilst working in an office ... and had to go home. This was in the 1950s they wrote to each other every few weeks (i.e. phone calls were far to expensive). My aunt in London wrote to her sister asking her what had happened at such and such a time on such and such a date.

My wife died unexpectedly in hospital ... I knew before my phone rang that she had died. I'd been feeling an intense sensation of her presence for several minutes before my phone rang. My cousin's husband was killed in a car crash on a motorway ...I knew he was dead hours before a policeman turned up at my cousin's house to tell her. I'd felt an intense sensation of his presence and "heard" his voice saying: "I'm dying". I once rang my mother "out of the blue" and told her that something had happened to another cousin of mine .... my mother rang her house and her father answered.She'd been taken to hospital in an ambulamce seriously ill.

One thing I never do is claim that I can "read minds", etc. I can't ...I never try to. I just "experience" telepathy.

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Well, If you really do have

Well, If you really do have such capabilities I would strongly suggest you get in touch with James Randi.

Prove it in a controlled test and bag yourself millions of dollars in doing so, not to mention likely gaining a high seat at the table of the sciences. or a nobel prize

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Randi is dead! Getting in

Randi is dead! Getting in touch would just continue to beg the question!

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Not much to discuss there?

Not much to discuss there? You don't offer any salient facts beyond a bare claim, and in order to be valid these facts would need to be objectively verifiable. This would at the very least require that proper clinical trials be conducted, using strict scientific methods of validation to eliminate bias from the testing research and conclusions of any study. All of that would then have to be peer reviewed before anyone could really consider it to be anything more than hearsay and anecdotal claims.

Convincing oneself is easy and doesn't really amount to much, sorry.

There have been a great many studies using twins, for all sorts of reasons. Start there and see if there are any clinical studies that investigated claims of telepathy.

I'd be surprised if no studies exist that investigated such claims, and since I've not seen such studies trumpeted as proving telepathy I'm highly dubious about such claims. More likely is they've been falsified and so the results get ignored by those who want to belief telepathy is real. Just as theists generally ignore the studies into intercessory prayer as the results showed it to have no discernable effect.

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One thing I didn't believe in

One thing I didn't believe in was the ability of my mind to cause effects in the material world ... until I switched on my computer monitor whilst thinking intensely about a friend I'd just visited in a mental hospital who was in a very bad way. BANG! One dead monitor. Later that day as I was listening to my radio I began thinking about her again ... and the radio made a weird noise and stopped working. On taking it apart I found that the circuit board had a crack across it. To be honest this made me feel really freaked out ... the friend I was thinking about had spent 14 years in Broadmoor, the British mental hospital for the criminally insane. She was so bad they had to keep her in solitary for her first 6 years there. She'd recovered enough to be discharged but had a relapse after getting involved with a man who had served a sentence for murder. Her childhood had been horrific ... parental abuse, etc. That experience and a couple of others have made me very wary of anything to do with this aspect of the paranormal.

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"I switched on my computer

"I switched on my computer monitor whilst thinking intensely about a friend I'd just visited in a mental hospital who was in a very bad way. BANG! One dead monitor."

How many monitors did you test this on?

" and the radio made a weird noise and stopped working." many radios did you test this on?

"On taking it apart I found that the circuit board had a crack across it. To be honest this made me feel really freaked out "

Because it indicates shocking quality control by the manufacturer?

"That experience and a couple of others have made me very wary of anything to do with this aspect of the paranormal."

Two electrical appliances ceasing to work in the same day is perfectly normal, trust me.

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I fell through a window into

I fell through a window into another universe. It was a third level parallel universe where I met myself. Boy was I a jerk. A frigging boy scout do-gooder. I kicked myself in the balls and jumped into an open refrigerator to return back to my own universe. Hope I never have to do that again.

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I think you've watched the X

I think you've watched the X-Men a tad too much...

LogicFTW's picture


Sounds a lot more like Rick and Morty then XMEN to me.
Which if you have not seen, you should give it a try, lots of good philosophical stuff in there, and I the writers of the show have a strong atheist bent that I have noticed if you look for it. The cartoon art style can be a off putting at first, but the most of the show's writing is worth it.



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Ho hum ... I was hoping to

Ho hum ... I was hoping to attract like-minded atheists to chat about the stranger side of existential phenomena ... but it seems I've disturbed the sensibilities of belief-ridden anti-religionists.

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You have attracted like

You have attracted like minded atheists, If you mean the literal sense in those that do not believe in a god and/or gods, or find there to be a lack of evidence to the aforementioned.

The issue you present is completely different, and thus all opinions on the matter will differ from person to person.

I think the main issue with your assertion is that it completely contradicts what is known within human biology, is only supported by the poorest form of evidence (anecdotal) and has never been proven in any form of vigorous testing (in fact is to the best of my knowledge, always been disproven).

Sure, We can experience 'odd' things, but to make the leap from a strange occurrence to telepathy is akin to the theists that will always play the god of the gaps card.

It is essentially a form of intellectual dishonesty, "I don't know, therefore X".

Surely it is reasonable that anyone with critical thinking capabilities will scorn at such claims and demand cogent evidence?!

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Like minded atheists?

Like minded atheists? Atheists by their nature are skeptical of BS belief systems and wild unsubstantiated assertions. If you want to have a conversation about Ghosts, ESP, Spirits, or what Briton's "Top Psychiatrists" are saying, you are going to have to support your weird shit with FACTS. (Substantial evidence in the form of scientific studies that have been conducted and repeated with unvarying results.) You are not exploring anything but Woo Woo,

I suggest looking into Sam Harris and some of the stuff he is doing. He makes a basic assumption that all this spirituality stuff will be able to be explained by science. When he makes crazy assertions, be backs it all up with studies, facts, and enough support that one must take him seriously. Still, he has never gone overboard to the extent you have. If you want an atheist who believes in something called spirituality try watching some Sam Harris vids on YouTube.


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