Is theism a matter of neediness?

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Is theism a matter of neediness?

Could theism be borne of neediness?

The need to have answers?
The need to be a part of something bigger than one's self?
The need to feel loved?
The need to be lead?
The need to not stop being?
The need for forgiveness?
The need to be special?
The need to control?
The need to excuse?
The need to connect?
The need for rules?
The need for happiness?
The need for comfort?
Ad infinitum...

So much of what I hear from so many theists is that their gods, faiths, beliefs provide these things. So much of what I hear from many atheists is that they get these things without any gods.

Your thoughts?

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Id say the need for an answer

Id say the need for an answer even when its the wrong answer, the need to be special and the need to not end are the key factors here.
The main reason christianity opposed evolution for so long is man being made especially by god is central to the myth.

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Theism exists because there

Theism exists because there are people which exploit people with some or most of those needs

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Could your definition of

Could your definition of neediness also be called immaturity ?

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I think they are not the same

I think they are not the same thing but are related.

Some needs of people come from the idea that they require hope or purpose.
It is usually not because they are immature but rather because they need something to fill that void they feel.

Also to not is one thing that usually religion gives which is the Gnostic side of religion which focuses more on the understanding of yourself. Buddhism usually is focused on this.
Some people just love this and I wouldn't say they are immature but rather chosen a way of how they achieved that goal.(there are other ways)
Sam Harris focuses on this aspect a bit, so you can read his book.

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You're not far off for a lot

You're not far off for a lot of people... while psychology especially is not an exact science and can make no real claims of causality (they can barely positively confirm their own existence, lol), religiosity, as they call it, is highly correlated with OCD, and may cover for a lot of neuroticism even in undiagnosed people.

So yeah, they're needy.

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-in my case it is a belief in

-in my case it is a belief in logic, There is no logic in an unlimited expanse or unlimited beginning which the bible and most religions proclaim

When I die, will I miss my life here?" only if there is a hereafter.

and this is one atheist who believes that such is possible in and alternate or parallel existence

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I think the idea of religion

I think the idea of religion is like akin to any well thought out scam. In order for someone to take the bait of a well thought out scam the people pulling it will create a need for its target audience once done they can exploit the fulfillment of this need as a middle man. Especially well thought out scams allow you to deliver a product in a way that nobody can confirm they received it, ie. after life.

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