Is there a relationship between IQ and Religion?

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I have been abusing myself by

I have been abusing myself by visiting some theist forums, and to be very honest, shocked. In this day and age, with the access to the internet and it's huge capacity of knowledge, I witness ignorance on a worldwide scale. I was going to describe it as pandemic, but this affliction is long term, additionally carried down through generations.

As a Canadian I agree with your assessment of the peoples of my nation. No group is exempt from the bell curve, and we have some right and proper nutcases here. But IMO our radical extremes are held in check by our constant exposure to US politics and news. When you live right next door to a clownhouse, you learn.

We also learned from a very dark past. Canada is dominated by two large provinces, Ontario and Quebec. And from the days European colonists settled Quebec, the Roman Catholic church held complete control of it's economy, politics, every aspect of life. The end result was that Quebec was retarded by many decades, nay I say hundreds of years. And in the name of religion, terrible things were done, things that still haunt our society.

Dayum, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

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Ah, Quebec.

Ah, Quebec.

One funny story thereabout I recall, is the individual who was told by the Quebecois to speak French properly.

His reply was simple. Mais, je suis Francais!

I suspect the French colonists thereof were pre-Revolutionary, though I'll have to check the history books to be sure.


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