They keep trying to convince me back

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They keep trying to convince me back

Every since I became an anti-theist people keep telling me "God loves you should come back".I tell them if god exist then he a total jerk. They always replay with god loves you because the bible said so.I don't think a old book is a good source to back up anything. They tell me that they'll pray for me. What I really hate the most is that they avoid the question with prayer. I've been christian for about 3 years and I notice that god made a lot of promises and when he doesn't keep up with it there always an excuse. I always wonder why they don't question their religion? It's like to listen to god and don't question.

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I have to agree with you that

I have to agree with you that if the god of Abraham does exist, it is a total jerk.

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total jerk
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Religious people around me

Religious people around me are like that too since I became agnostic.

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For many, it is best not to

For many, it is best not to speak up and instead stay silent or even pretend to believe, just to avoid the pressure or even abuse from their surroundings.

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true, lived part of my life

true, lived part of my life like that, and I found comfort in grasping the opportunity to learn as much as I can so I had a better grasp of the subject.

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I've gotten, "You should come

I've gotten, "You should come back to God. You're breaking your father's heart."

Yeah, that didn't work to well. In fact, I'd say it backfired. Horribly.

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It's part of the religious

It's part of the religious recruitment ploy. Socially, the world has developed many ways to push at each other. Religion has absorbed a good many of them.

"God loves you!" Plays with our ability to be sympathetic with each other. We all want to be accepted and dislike dissapointing people that do accept us. Our dislike of loneliness and social nature stands on trial here. I suggest you find atheist friends in and around your area. Don't limit your interactions in life solely to being talked down to by your theist "friends".

If you really find yourself lacking in that department, you can add most of us on facebook.

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True that one of the main

True that one of the main reasons why I became a christian till I snap out of it. It hard finding atheist friends and here my Facebook

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Completely agree but 'jerk'

Completely agree but 'jerk' is lettin' him off lightly i think.. sure, the bible tells you he loves you, but also says we deserve to burn in eternal torment if we don't believe the impossible. The only way around this is to lie to yourself about the rest the book, or to do the little "you've gotta read it in the right context" dance. . . Nah,..just can't do that..the truth matters!! I reckon a lot of people don't question religion because it means that not only have they been misled and lied to since childhood, but also that all their loved ones' hopes and beliefs are basically B.S. too. Just saying...that could be hard to accept..?

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I agree. He cause me so much

I agree. He cause me so much pain just for his own amusement. Always tricking me with his lies. How does hurting others and making it up in heaven is ok? Or allowing pain and sending "evil" people to hell?

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