Thoughts on Adam Saleh and Delta Airlines

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Thoughts on Adam Saleh and Delta Airlines

Even though Adam Saleh isn't considered as an Atheist, his pranks and social experiments seems to tell that "all these things shouldn't matter". His recent encounter with racism in Delta Airlines is gaining popularity. Some believe it as conspiracy theory to gain publicity while some strongly oppose the unfortunate event. Whatever it is, I think there is no justification to be kicked out of plane no matter what his intentions was. What is the stand of atheists over this matter?



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Until I read this thread I

Until I read this thread I had no idea who Adam Saleh is; but after checking Wikipedia it seems he is a prankster who has a history of making sensational/controversial videos/stories which turn out to not be true.

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I've never heard of Adam

I've never heard of Adam Saleh, but if he chose to fly Delta he must be insane. It took us 14 hours from LA to Las Vegas on Delta once. The first plane broke down, so they bussed us around the back of the airport to another one, which unfortunately didn't have any engines attached. Inefficiency, confusion, miscommunication and service failure on a biblical scale.

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There is enough true racism,

There is enough true racism, sexism, and hatred in this world to document. Why create false scenarios? Pranksterism is brilliant when it removes facades and reveals truths. Saleh seems to be setting up innocent people to accuse. I could be wrong.

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