Time travel?

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Time travel?

Hello everyone, we know that time travel is fictional for now, but here's another situation...
What if you had a chance to ride a time machine and landed in place and time where Jesus existed, had proven his existence and witnessed his holiness...
Would you believe then, and claim him as your lord or god?
Would you make way into proving to everyone that he truly existed when you get back to the present time?

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I don't need a time machine

I don't need a time machine to understand the absurdity of what they claim that Jesus said.

Let us assume for a moment that these are confirmed facts;

Jesus existed
He was born of a virgin
He made all those miracles
He rose from the dead after being crucified.

Even if all these were 100% confirmed to be true.

This does not mean that what ever Jesus said is true.
It does not in any way mean that he is god.

This kind of mentality works on peasants and slaves of the roman period but has no place in a modern society.

No sane person today would think like that.

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In order to confirm that he

In order to confirm that he/it is the true god I'd have to be raised to his level, so no. It also negates the fact that god could prove its existence at any point in time.

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Mardze, I can't say has not

Mardze, I can't say has not happened, but what if you could go back in time and did only to find there was no Jesus or that Jesus was not what you thought him to be, and then you started having one of those BTTF moments where you started to fade out of existence, would you try to recreate the existence of of Jesus to save yourself by dressing up as a gypsy at the circus and convincing him of his greatness and setting him on the path to death in order to save yourself?

Here's the deal with me I do think Jesus existed and have explained it elsewhere in the site, but I don't think he was the son of God, though I do think he was trying to do good so in my case being afraid to upset the time continuum would A. likely not be able to or even if able to still not go back that far and B. if I did I would likely leave well enough alone.

Despite how many lives I could save by getting Jesus to a either give up his cause which may have had good intention but between then and now has been grossly manipulated or getting him disappear with the circus never to be heard from again.I would likely not intervene, if I did intervene in such a manner my next stop would be a visit to Muhammad because at that point my mission would be to rid the world of religion and the prophets that have reigned so much suffering on this world. However if changing the path of just one of these people were even possible it would likely result in that fading out of existence thing I mentioned earlier.

One more thing, what if you found out you cant go back to the future and could only go backward in time? Would you go?

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Going back to 'jeasus's time'

Going back to 'jeasus's time' is what you think would prove god.
No too many variables. Why not keep it simple go back to the creation of the planet and see if it just popped into existence or was made the way science states.
Consider this if you could prove conclusively the christian god exists atheists would accept the existence but im pretty sure most of us wouldn't worship that monster id chose eternity in hell over worshiping that sadistic mass murder that endorsed racism sexism slavery killing kids rape and created homophobia.

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Getting there might be

Getting there might be possible for the next generation of technology but I don't think it would even be possible to prove the truth of biblical lies when the history and science already proven that those stories are far beyond the reality.

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Time travel is impossible and

Time travel is impossible and this thread makes asmuch sense as if you said, what if you could rid to mars on the back of a humming bird.

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