Traditional Religion is Devil Worship Say Pentecostal Missionaries

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Traditional Religion is Devil Worship Say Pentecostal Missionaries

"These people, they're vulnerable, and they [the church] come along and catch them and say, 'I can help you'. I think they just prey on vulnerable people."

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You can look at Africa too,

You can look at Africa too, christianity and islam stating that old religions are sorcery.

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Spreading death and deception

Spreading death and deception wherever they go. "Praise the Lord"

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Religious denounce religious

Religious idiots denounce religious idiots...

... you really couldn't make this shit up!

Talk about being out of touch with reality!


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I'm right, you're wrong

I'm right, you're wrong because my god told me so.

We have been hearing this rant for thousands of years. The same crap is happening with the Taliban, they have destroyed historical objects of great culture. Early christians destroyed many objects in their attempt to wipe out paganism.

Caliph Omar .... 'they will either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous.'

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This is how all Christians

This is how all Christians were raised. Made to feel shame and guilt, then receive the healing. Original sin knows no cultural boundaries.

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I have to admit the early

I have to admit the early christian leaders who dictated the dogma really knew their psychology. They were the ultimate con men.

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