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I was wondering if there are any transhumanist
On thus site and whats you guys opinions on it. Do you guys see any harmful potential it could cause to everything, do you see no threat at all and all positives threw evolving threw transhumanism?

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I've never been 100% sure

I've never been 100% sure what transhumanism is, no matter how much I read about it. I can say I don't believe in a technological singularity if that helps.

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That would be the potential

That would be the potential end goal but its much more than that, pretty much its about expanding human capabilities threw technological advances being able to overcome
Human limitations and being in control of what direction humanity will evolve into next. For example death would be considered a sickness that is not necessarily an absolute in the transhumanist community but something that can be altered threw technology, everything about the human experience can be altered for advancement and if you look at the pattern from the time computers was invented it looks like we are headed that way!

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Hell yeah! I would love to

Hell yeah! I would love to move my consciousness, control artificial limbs, and being able to do all that great stuff. Imagine if we no longer required oxygen, or could breathe under water indefinitely. I say it's something I could get behind, as long as it doesn't steer us in the wrong direction.

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I'd argue that farming,

I'd argue that farming, control of fire, and the wheel changed society a lot more than computers.

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I agree and posit that the

I agree and posit that the printing press was a far more impactful invention than the computer.

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If you two count internet and

If you two count internet and smartphones into that, I just have one question:
- Have you two even heard about Pokemon Go? :D

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The Vatican hates it, so it

The Vatican hates it, so it must be good. I guess a universal 50-point rise in IQ would pretty much rub out religions. And I'm certainly in favor of engineering things like alzheimers and arthritis out of our genes. Mind-controlled artificial limbs and mind-uploading also sound exciting.

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If you think about it

If you think about it computers are only about 50 years old or so and its already demands our attention, the tool that the average person uses the most so 300,1000,10000 years in i wonder the impact computers will have and hope we get to the cyborg stuff in the next 50 years or so.

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We have had technological

We have had technological devices increasing our lifespan for some time now. Pacemakers implanted since the early 1960's. Now we have pacemakers with defibrillators. Insulin pumps. Probes implanted into the brain to stop seizures. Artificial retinas on the horizon. Prosthetic limbs are becoming very high tech. This is not science fiction cyborg fantasy. It is happening in real time. I see no reason the trend should change directions. However , while these progressive inventions have increased the life span of individuals who may have died without them the average lifespan of humans has only increased by a few years. All claims that we will someday overcome death are suspect.

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To a king in the medieval

To a king in the medieval times smartphones, airplanes, cars, and tvs are all things that would be considered science fiction fantasy is it not?there will be things in our future that we see as far fecthed and fantasy that will come true to a caveman the medieval times was science fiction this pattern will continue.

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In general I would consider

In general I would consider myself a Trans-humanist (H+), but transhumanism has become a very broad and vague term now, as there are many sub-sects within transhumanism that very on what goals and to what end transhumanism should take. The biggest challenge that transhumanism will face is population control, and the many purposed solutions to that problem further divide trans-humanist groups even further.

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