Trump - the new diety/profit

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Trump - the new diety/profit

For those of you who missed the announcement - Trump is the new deity / profit.

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I know - Prophet - wrong auto

I know - Prophet - wrong auto correct to a terrible typist.

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Profit is Trump's Deity.

Profit is Trump's Deity.

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At Least he is real. If he

At Least he is real. If he starts acting like God, we can simply do away with him.

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Trump will launch "a wave of

Trump will launch "a wave of arrests against thousands of corrupt officials, many of whom are part of a massive satanic pedophile ring."

Then, military tribunals that will "make Nuremberg look like a cakewalk" will prosecute and lock up thousands of treasonous Americans, including former President Obama and other members of his administration, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and fired FBI Director James Comey.

Picture Alex Jones saying this.

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the massive satanic pedophile

the massive satanic pedophile ring would be the Catholic bishops

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Trump praises the almighty

Trump praises the almighty dollar. Look at the tax break he gave businesses.

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Things are getting more scary

Things are getting more scary in this country the longer the orange moron is President

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Canvassing for the Democrats

Canvassing for the Democrats nearly every weekend.

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Whilst I can't detail why I believe it to be the case I'm of the opinion that Trump is "preparing" America to be able to "ride out", better than most other countries, the world economic downturn that is on the horizon

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SeniorCitizen007 - https:/

SeniorCitizen007 -

Any comment now that the latest figures show the US trade deficit has grown considerably recently, and is now at record levels ?

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When trump said prophet, he

When trump said prophet, he meant profit.

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