Trump Talking Shit?

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Trump Talking Shit?

Trump says things. He talks shit all the time. Many things he says actually worry the shit out of me. I will list two.

Last X-Mass he was alluding to the "War" on X-Mass . He said and I paraphrase : "When I am elected president everyone will be saying "Merry Christmas" by God! "

Is he stating that we will be forced to say "Merry Christmas" or does he believe we will all be that happy?

He repeats a mantra {which the Borg Collective dutifully repeats } 'Who will pay for the wall? Mexico will pay for the wall !" . He continues to repeat this mantra despite denials by Mexico stating "no such pinche wall will be built , Pendejo!" Yet he continues . Does this mean he will use armed force against our impoverished brothers and sisters south of N.A.?

Am I assuming too much ? Or is he a tyrannt and his Borg Collective polishing their jackboots?

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I've been SCREAMING this

I've been SCREAMING this since I've been on this forum. There is a large potion of the population that buys into the false indignation that the republicans spew. Although they amount to about 3% of the 28% that are the republican total number against the sum total of U.S. Americans, they have control over the entire party.
I just learned today that the RNC chair is sending out mailers disguised to look like overdue bills to people in order to scare them into sending the RNC money.

So it just isn't Trump talking shit, it's the whole of the republican party.

Cruz said he would force police departments to "monitor" Muslim neighborhoods. That is beyond the powers of the president, beyond the powers of the federal government, beyond the powers and capability of the FBI.

Everything the republicans espouse to do smacks of fascism.

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Many Republicans echo a

Many Republicans echo a bronze aged moral agenda along side Machiavellian tactics. Trump is different. He does not seem to have the depth to propose Deuteronomy based moral proscriptions as Cruz does. He is more like a Jerry Springer version of Ronald Reagan. What ever it takes to get the fan base screaming in less than 5 words. Violence by his audience used as endorsement of his twisted views. "People are angry ". So the fuck what ! I have been angry since 1969. I don't believe that anger gives me the right to use violence over persuasion . I sense something far more ominous on the horizon.

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Just a little "perspective" .

Just a little "perspective" ..from across the Atlantic.....

TRUMP.... the clue is in the name..... ask any 10 year old school boy...and he'll tell you....

TRUMP...the noise made by an arsehole .

Plus to many over here it seems the republicans should stop looking at this as part of an election process.......
it seems more like an I.Q. test....and so far aint looking good.

Still....hardly my place to comment.... we got the bloody Tory party ..... swivel eyed loons to a man.

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