Trump wants YOUR voting info....WHY?

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Trump wants YOUR voting info....WHY?

Recently the Trump administration has asked all states for voter registration information to include personal information and HOW that person voted. WHY!?

It is just another form of Fascism raising its ugly head. "Let me see your papers!"
Voting is a right and should never be suppressed or even intimidated.

Voter fraud in the USA is a myth and is just an excuse for republicans to implement voter suppression.
The fact is that the voters in America lean decidedly left. The only reason republicans actually win elections is because of gerrymandering of the districts.
From stopping minorities WITHOUT probable cause to now having a complete database of all voters complete with personal information and the voter history of that voter.
Considering the collusion of the Trump gang with Russian hackers, this is a big and dangerous deal and should be stopped in its track!

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@Mykcob4 "voter registration

@Mykcob4 "voter registration information to include personal information and HOW that person voted"

Aren't elections in the US based on the secret ballot principle? That principle should trump (excuse the pun) any concerns about voter fraud.

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Right, but republicans always

Right, but republicans always have lame excuses for losing and people buy their shit.

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Yes Algebe, voting is by

Yes Algebe, voting is by secret ballot. You have to be a registered voter. Being registered is a big deal. The security and management are up to each state's Attorney General. Voting registration requirements are federal law with some state law restrictions. Lately, many RED states have imposed an "ID" law which is harder to obtain than the registration in the first place. It purposely discriminates against minorities, students, and older Americans. In a sense people that commonly vote Democratic Party.
Gerrymandering and voter suppression by the republican party is their main strategy.
BTW a person in line to vote cannot be arrested for any reason as per federal law.

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But you said Trump wanted to

But you said Trump wanted to know HOW people voted. That means for which party, right? Is that information even recorded when you cast your vote?

Doesn't America have some kind of independent federal authority in charge of elections? New Zealand has an Electoral Commission, which adjusts boundaries before every general election to ensure that all electorates have roughly the same number of voters. They also run campaigns to enrol voters and make sure everyone who moves house is registered in their new electorate.

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The way it works in my district once you're registered to vote your name is added to the precinct rolls for your neighborhood. As long as you vote on a regular basis you never have to register again unless you move out of the precinct. When I go vote I say my name, the clerk looks it up in the book, I sign my name, get a ballot, mark it, and put it into the counter machine. The machine records the votes but it isn't linked back to me.

So all that the records will show is that I vote in every primary and general election. The records won't show who I voted for.

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That is true except for one thing, primary voting. You have to register as a party affiliation to vote in certain primaries. Trump wants those records.
Trump started this shit because he doesn't want to believe he lost the popular vote. FOX reported that there were 3 million plus illegal votes to appease trump's ego, so Trump launched this so-called investigation into voter fraud. Ironic considering that he still will not acknowledge the Russian hacking.
Voter fraud is a lie and the republicans are using it as a distraction and an excuse to suppress the vote. The problem for the republicans is that they want to suppress certain voters (the majority), minorities, students, educated, union, and elderly voters.
Russian hacking and interference is real and an attack on democracy which the republicans are trying hard to ignore.
It is a clear case of fascism!

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My concern (fear) is that we

My concern (fear) is that we are facing the beginning stages of the resurrection of McCarthyism. One of the purposes is to "identify" leftists (progressives, socialists, communists, and anarchists) for harassment, persecution and prosecution in the not-so-distant future for a myriad or reasons.

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I totally agree mbrownec.

I totally agree mbrownec.

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Possibly, which in of itself

Possibly, which in of itself is a really friggen scary thought. sort of step like 8 out of 15 for the rise of nazi germany. Just swap out muslims from jewish as the religion persecuted. Liberals getting targeted etc.

The actions also nicely align with Trumps huge ego and need for spotlight, and the republicans need to distract everyone while they line their and their benefactors pockets from the wealth of what was once by far the wealthiest nation in the history of the human race.

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