UC Irvine Gets $200 Million Donation to Promote Fake “Medicine”

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UC Irvine Gets $200 Million Donation to Promote Fake “Medicine”

UC Irvine gets a huge donations, but it comes with a catch. It has to be used to promote “integrative health approaches in research”… which is to say it’ll promote alternative medicine.


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Considering that the donation

Considering that the donation came from a citizen, I don't really see the problem. Certainly, the money could have gone to what I would personally consider a better cause, but I have no right to dictate how other people use their money.

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UC Irvine you not accept the

UC Irvine you not accept the donation in the interest of integrity.

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James Randi repeatedly OD'd

James Randi repeatedly OD'd on homeopathic pills as part of his lectures. He never suffered a bit. He would consume the entire bottle sometimes. The pills were ineffective even in large doses.




UC Irvine can save the money. Homeopathy debunked!

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That's a lot of scratch to

That's a lot of scratch to investigate nothing. Someone is going to get a new yacht out of this, just watch. The person who made the contribution needs to be evaluated for his/her state of mental health leading up to the contribution, as well as his/her motives, by an independent firm that has no association with the school's board of ethics. If the school was involved in a persuasive manner in that person's life prior to the donation then there's an ethics question to resolve, person's to identify and gains to be investigated. The subject of the donation is the reason. It smacks of spirituality as a medical treatment and needs to have its feet put to the fires of truth.

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The problem with UC Irvine

The problem with UC Irvine accepting this donation is that it sets a president. Now large corrupt churches and other corporations can make a large donation and dictate that a university must use that money to teach that Liberalism is bad, or that the creationist myth is a fact. Education should not be politically or religiously controlled for a predetermined outcome. They shouldn't control it in the first place.
It's a donation based on predeterminism and not finding fact.

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