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Can anyone believe that Donald J. Trump just asked a foreign power to commit an international crime to break into the cyberspace and STEAL emails for the purpose of influencing an American election.
That is tantamount to TREASON!

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My prediction is a Trump

My prediction is a Trump Presidency / Administration is going to be so scandal ridden that the Nixon Administration will look like a bunch of Cub Scouts.

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What can you say, Trump's

What can you say, Trump's gotta do what Trump's gotta do.

I mean another stupidity of Donald is that he showed "Regret" of Bombing Belgrade (By America) during the Kosovo's Ethnic Cleansing by Serbia which included Hundreds of Thousands of Kosovar's being Killed, Expelled from their Land and Women being Raped and Murdered and even in some Cases Pregnant ones were included.

He said that U.S.A must Apologize to Serbia because they were Allies with them during the first WWI, which is Completely Dumb 'cause they were the PRETEXT to the whole Fucking WWI (By Killing Prince Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungaria in Bosnie-Herzégovine, Sarajevo).

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After bushisms, trumplies...

After bushisms, trumplies....

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Take comfort in the fact that

Take comfort in the fact that despite what the media and polls might show, the odds of Trump winning are very small. If you look at electoral votes, the vast majority are likely to be awarded to Hilary. The states that are showing clear support for Hilary total 246 electoral votes, and the states showing clear support for Trump total around 154. Of the remaining 10 states, Trump would have to win the vast majority of them, including Florida, in order to pull off a marginal victory. Hilary would need to only secure Florida or any combination of 2 of the remaining states to win. My prediction is Hilary by a landslide.

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I agree, she probably is

I agree, she probably is gonna win by a landslide. Although, I personally don't support her or Trump. I find that they are both corrupt manipulators, and that neither deserve nor should be president.

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It really is a "tweedledee vs

It really is a "tweedledee vs. tweedledum" election this year. I always dislike elections where a person has to vote based on the lesser of two evils.

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Exactly, the best thing we

Exactly, the best thing we can do is let the election happen, and hope that whoever is sworn in doesn't cause serious damage over 4 years.

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If Donald and Hilary are the

If Donald and Hilary are the best choices available in 2016, America should seriously consider re-applying for membership of the British Empire.

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I honestly believe that Trump

I honestly believe that Trump is only in it for the money, and now that he has received a large portion of super-PAC donations, he is trying to get himself disqualified, all so that he can take the money and run . But since it is not working, he keeps sinking lower and lower, just hoping that he wont actually have to be president.

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Given Trumps friendly history

Given Trumps friendly history with the Clintons, and given the things he is saying and doing after securing the nomination, it almost makes you wonder if the plan was to get the Republican nomination, and then purposely destroy his chances at victory in order to aid Clinton in securing the White House. I know, I know, highly unlikely; But would you honestly be surprised by it, especially if it offered something for Trump to gain by doing it?

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At least Trump is forcing

At least Trump is forcing people to wake up to the corruption, venality and dishonesty of the political elite through his own example. I hope the next Pope is another Alexander VI who will do the same for the Catholic church.

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I'm still under the

I'm still under the impression that Donald Trump is actually acting, though I've heard a very compelling argument that he's deadly serious and depressingly insane.

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