Is the UN a corrupted and usless organization?

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Is the UN a corrupted and usless organization?

I don't pretend to understand politics much, but what's the point of having a UN that selects representatives of the most ruthless and barbaric countries to oversee human rights?

"Saudi Arabia Elected Chair of UN Human Rights Council Panel"

If you ask me, the United Nations seems just as corrupted as FIFA.

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It's a travesty, but it could

It's a travesty, but it could also be a stroke of brilliance. I don't think it's lost on the rest of the world that such a barbarous nation being made Human Rights Council Chair is a gross parody of justice. If anything, it puts Saudi Arabia's human rights record on the spotlight as any of their innumerable violations of basic humanity are put under a microscope. Will it do anything to lessen their standing in the world stage? Not while they're still drinking that sweet black crude, but at least it helps pave the way for paving over their society once oil loses its standing in the economic stage and we can finally end these tyrant's reigns. Nails in the coffin, and all.

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I see how you can reason that

I see how you can reason that way (and I hope you are right).
But I think this is effectively a green light for Saudi Arabia to keep flogging, decapitating and crucifying people without any real law, just arbitrary religious whim. I wouldn't be surprised if they now resume flogging Raif Badawi to death... as the rest of the world stands by, moderately appalled while reading about it on the latest iPhone.

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global politics is pretty

global politics is pretty complicated

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"Saudi Arabia hiring eight

"Saudi Arabia hiring eight new executioners as part of 'unprecedented spike' in killings"

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