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Unable to debunk this, HELP!


This might sound stupid but this is giving me fucking anxiety because of my inability to understand how it happened.


1) There's a ritual in which you rid yourself off of negative energy around you, black magic, evil eye or diseases, curses
2) This ritual has the exact same name as the one I asked before, La Limpia, but this turns out to be the ORIGINAL version. What I experienced in the past was a popular fake version known as "egg curse scam / bujo" where dark stuff comes out of eggs indicating curses. IGNORE THIS, if you don't know what experience I'm talking about but it was my the topic of my last question.
3) It is done by taking an egg, praying to whatever god you believe in or any higher power
4) The egg is rubbed all over the body and broken inside a glass full of water
5) What you see in the water then is called "signs" and DEPENDS COMPLETELY UPON WHAT KIND OF ISSUE YOU GOT e.g. evil eye. So every issue will have a different appearance of egg.


About this question, I am extremely confused due to the following reasons:

1) You do not need to go to someone to perform this ritual, you can do this by yourself (SO NO FRAUD IS INVOLVED)
2) It is not from a specific religion, it is an ancient thing, it asks to request help from "higher power" or any god you believe in
3) It's ALL OVER the internet with YouTube videos of people doing it and experiences written in text by people who did it


I've tried to research for HOURS and HOURS to find out the scientific explanation behind this ritual and why it shows the signs that it does. Why did I do this research? Well, I accidentally came across it and it has fucked my brain ever since. It seems so simple but I am UNABLE to understand the "HOW" part of it.


1) One of the signs/appearances is literally IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO EXPLAIN, #29
2) From my hours of research, I've been able to understand almost all the signs except #29 and that is where I need help!
3) The hundreds of websites which all explain the signs have just written text. There are no images shown or videos shown next to those results. Thus, there's no way of knowing what the sign actually looks like.

############################## LIST OF SIGNS (#29 is the problem!!) #################################

The points below represent the signs/meanings of what you see in the glass of water with the broken egg AFTER invoking the god, rubbing it all over body.

1. When you break the egg and the yolk comes out with bubbles surrounding it or shooting upwards, it is a sign that the negative energy around you is too much, meaning you are very tired. This could be the reason why you have not had the strength to do anything. There are people who even feel dizzy or get headaches.

2. When you see a figure that looks like an animal or a person in the yolk, you should be concerned. If it is a person, the interpretation of this image is that he or she is envious of you. If it is an animal or object, you must recall if you have dreamt of it or if it is a problem in your life at the moment.

3. When you break the egg and you see pointy images in the shape of needles or nails, this means that there are people who have cast black magic spells on you, meaning they do not want you to succeed.

4. If you break the egg and a coat covers the yolk, it means that someone is always disturbing you and provoking you to make you angry.

5. When you see red or black spots on the yolk after breaking the egg, you should be attentive to the warnings. It is a sign with the interpretation that you have a disease in your body.

6. When the yolk is cloudy, black, or grey, this is a bad sign meaning there is an evil eye sent your way through magic spells.

7. If you see spikes facing downwards in the egg yolk, it is a symbol with the interpretation that you have a lot of anger that you have not let go.

8. If you see figures curled in the egg yolk, this is a bad sign warning you that you could fall ill and you need to go for a checkup immediately.

9. When you break a normal egg, the yolk always goes down. However, if the yolk remains in the middle or goes up, it is a bad sign meaning that someone is sending evil your way by casting magic spells.

10. When you see eyes in the egg yolk, this means that someone is jealous of you and is watching you. That is why you have been feeling discomfort and your path has been blocked.
11. If you see geometric figures in the yolk, they have different meanings. Triangles are interpretations of the lies you have been telling and your guilt. Squares tell you that you need to move forward and forget the past.

12. White halos surrounding the yolk mean that you make decisions too quickly and you need to slow down to get back in line.

13. If the egg yolk is hot, looks cooked, and the white appears extremely white, this is a sign that there is negative energy surrounding you. It means black magic spells have been cast on you. You should do another egg cleansing ritual to remove them.

14. Clouds or swirling figures in the egg yolk mean you have emotional problems that are affecting your relationships with other people.

15. If the egg yolk has many threads going up, it means gossip is disturbing your life and there are people who want to see you sad. You should do another egg cleansing to clear your path.
16. Silhouettes in the egg yolk are signs you need to watch out for. It means that the spirits surrounding you want to give you a message.

17. Cobweb shapes in the yolk mean that many people are jealous of you and want you to fail in something you want, like a business, a project, or a promotion.

18. When you break an egg and see flowers in the yolk, this is a good sign. It means that negative energies are going away and good times are coming your way.

19. If the water in the egg yolk has blood or an odor, this is a sign that there are evil spirits around you and you need a cleansing ritual.

20. If you break the egg and see an eye in the yolk, it is a sign of the evil eye watching you. You should get rid of it through a spiritual cleansing.

21. When you find that the water is clear after breaking an egg, it means that nothing bad is happening and there are no evil spirits around you.

22. If you see the shape of a person in the egg yolk, this is a sign that you have an enemy. A slim face means that the enemy is male and a round face means it is a woman.

23. If the egg yolk has a symbol of a bird like a vulture, owl, or crow, this means that a magic spell has been cast on you and you need to do another cleansing to be free from it.

24. The color of the white part of the egg is also important when it comes to meanings and interpretations. If you break the egg and the white appears murky or dark, it means that you are scared and you need to have more confidence.

25. When you break an egg and you find many bubbles surrounding the yolk, it means that there are good spirits watching out for you.

26. If you find big balloons in the water, it is a sign of a cage. It means that you are trapped in a situation and you will not get out of it quickly. It could be someone has trapped you in that situation or you are trapped because of wrong things you have done. You need to do many cleansings to get out of such a situation.

27. If you happen to break the egg during a cleansing, it is a sign that evil spirits are trying to stop you from cleansing yourself. You need to do the cleansing again to get rid of the evil spirits.

28. If the egg yolk is sitting on top of the umbilical cord (under the yolk) means that the person that was cleansed does not have any motivation and until they change this within themselves nothing you do will help them.

29. Particles that settle on the bottom of the glass which look like stones or small pebbles indicate someone is working against the person. It’s a warning and the person who was cleansed should be aware of signs given. There are enemies. There are other means depending on the color of the particles and where they are placed.


The #29 is the only problem. I don't know how to explain it, scientifically like what particles? How can anything inside an egg look like stones or small pebbles? Why would it settle on the bottom?

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Sorry Seek3r but all this

Sorry Seek3r but all this demonstrates for me is that raw eggs broken into glasses of water supposedly display at least 28 different results not counting the egg that breaks.
There could be many other reactions but there is nothing to support the claims of presiding evil or beneficial influences much less any evidence that any of this demonstrates any predictive power.
The only bad thing I acknowledge is the supreme waste of eggs.
I prefer mine sunnyside up on wholemeal toast...its a sure sign of a good meal.

Russian Tank anyone?

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1. First assertion - Please demonstrate I have negative energy around me. Human beings eat food and that is converted into energy. Not positive or negative energy. What you do with the energy you have is up to you. No one is "changing your energy or altering your energy or removing energy from you in any way."

2. We have already shown the fallacy of the Egg curse scam, the chicken guts scam and all others like it. Videos are on YouTube. Penn and Teller do a good version of it. There are no results that can possibly matter., It's a scam.
RE: Confusion: People are doing it all over the internet? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA .... People all over the internet are fucking with you. Grow up., People are also talking about Crystal Magic, Chakras, Magical Magnatism, Vortexes of Power, Alien Abduction and Bigfoot. Stop being gullible.
RE: Signs in the broken glass: This is easier and it requires no specific ritual.

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There isn't anything to

There isn't anything to debunk.

Has this process EVER been tested in controlled conditions, where the egg was examined, the 'healer' was examined, has any of the subjects actually reported and TESTABLE difference in their life after the process (no placebo effect or confirmation bias), has the so called "particles' ever been tested, etc, etc?

It is not up to skeptics to debunk any supernatural claim made. It is up to those making the claim to provide testable and falsifiable EVIDENCE to support their claim.

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May I suggest, strongly, that read the book, "The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark", by Carl Sagan?

This book will basically turn you into a BS detector. Seriously, it will teach you: basic critical thinking skills, what constitutes good standards of evidence, how not to be gullible, and more.

Another good book is, "Critical Thinking: The Effective Beginner's Guide to Master Logical Fallacies Using a Scientific Approach and Improve Your Rational Thinking Skills With Problem-Solving Tools to Make Better Decisions" by Travis Holiday and Keven Hollins.

Seriously, these books will help you see through all this crap. Stop being so gullible.

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Carl Sagan's book is

Carl Sagan's book is available in audio on any P2P server. I have the audio version on my computer and listen to it often.. Hell, I'll bet the damn thing is available on YouTube. (JUST DID A SEARCH - YEP THERE IT IS.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmaZ_sxRh0k


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@ Seeker

@ Seeker

Lordy lordy...if you want to debunk this just buy and pay attention now:

A dozen eggs...now make sure each egg you buy is from a different source...a couple of different brands from different areas. Then go round those people selling eggs at the markets, buy from different suppliers, then ask anyone you know for an egg from their own home chooks.

Keep a couple of eggs, one in the fridge for about 3 weeks, and one out on the kitchen top for about the same time.

Then conduct the ritual for each egg you have. You will undoubtedly get 12 very different results.

EVERYTHING you have described in the results above is normal egg behaviour depending on breed, diet, time of the hens laying cycle, fertilisation, age of the chook, even the weather.

In short it is BOLLOCKS when you take random egg samples!

Another con trick to, sorry Seeker, scare the gullible when it is piece of flim flam.

I could go through every result you posit in your list and no doubt somewhere each behaviour of the egg is described in a Chook keeping journal or book and tells what ails the chook, or aht is missing from its diet, or what cycle the chook is on. But guess what, it is a CON, and I won't spend that much time and effort on saving the gullible idiots from believing it.

There you go. Now you can sleep well again.

BTW did you notice that each "sign" in the egg yolk doesn't actually identify the person who is wishing spells or bad things on you? So, it is also USELESS as tits on a bull, and demands such presuppositions as belief in spells, fate and other idiocy? .

Why the blue fuck would you even bother with shite like this?

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Jesus H.Tap Dancing Christ!

Jesus H.Tap Dancing Christ!

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Seek3R if you follow the

Seek3R if you follow the method as described, it will come out one of 29 different ways. That is a natural result. What is going on is different supernatural "messages" have been attached to whatever they are.

I will describe something similar, in the hope you can see the parallel.

You have a dice with six sides.

If it comes up 1, then tomorrow will be a bad day, stay home.
If it come sup 2, tomorrow will be a very good day.
If it comes up 3, then someone in your family will get sick soon.
If it comes up 4, then it will rain soon.
If it comes up 5, then if you drink you might get a hangover.
If it comes up 6, then there might be clouds in the sky tomorrow.

The thing is, no matter how the dice comes up, a prediction will be attached to it, no voodoo required, just gullibility.

Do you understand that for all 29 predictions, none can be tested, most are "evil spirits or good spirits are around". If one of those prediction could actually be tested, such as predicting rain the next day (and it actually rained every time that prediction occurred), then it would carry weight. But for all 29 predictions, it all depends on your gullibility.

You really need to shake off those baseless superstitions.

There is nothing to debunk, because one must be gullible and accepting crap in the first place.

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What you are talking about in

What you are talking about in general is referred to as: oomancy. Which basically means divination by eggs. This is extremely well known historical non-sense. I've read about the belief from several occult sources, but I've never encountered a living person who was gullible enough to believe it.

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The one thing I'll say here

The one thing I'll say here is that I have never heard of oomancy. I thought you were making that up, but no, there it is.
So now, I'm baffled. RPGs and MMOs always overuse pyromancers, necromancers, chronomancers, etc. Why not add an oomancer as a class?

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Oomancy on toast...mmmm..

Oomancy on toast...mmmm...pardon my drool.

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Poach your eggs, or scramble them, I'm pretty sure that you'll find a real use for them, instead of this risible hokum.

Should you really be running around loose, without anyone to look after you? Seriously if you genuinely are taken in by such nonsense you strike me as someone who is particularly at risk from every scam artist and conman out there.

Try not to buy any snake oil, and ffs don't join anything, it's probably a cult.

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What you should be doing is

What you should be doing is the magic chicken challenge. All you do is coat an egg with KY jelly in the morning and shove it up your ass. If you can poop it out after dinner that same day without cutting your rectum to shit, it's your lucky day!!! Congratulations.

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What I fail to understand:
You are able to tell the first 28 are all BS but not number 29?
Why not? What worked on the first 28 but not number 29?

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@Logic: It's only logical

@Logic: It's only logical Logic. Everything has a cause but there has to be a primary cause, an unmoved mover. That's number 29. You gotta understand the way a theist's mind works.

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Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I appreciate the responses but I guess there's a small misunderstanding. I am NOT falling for the SUPERNATURAL claims of the signs just straight away. Maybe my explanation was bad or my method of debunking was awful. Here's what I did for each of the sign:

1) Understand how the biological change in the egg, the one mentioned in the signs, could happen naturally
2) Once I understood how the egg changed as mentioned by the sign, then I automatically understood that that particular appearance had nothing to do with the supernatural claim it made. It was natural, the egg can have such an appearance.

Here's an example:

"19. If the water in the egg yolk has blood or an odor, this is a sign that there are evil spirits around you and you need a cleansing ritual."

For this one, I researched the possibility of an unbroken egg having blood inside it. I discovered that it is indeed possible for this to happen in case the chicken's blood vessels are ruptured during the yolk formation.

Here's another one:

"24. The color of the white part of the egg is also important when it comes to meanings and interpretations. If you break the egg and the white appears murky or dark, it means that you are scared and you need to have more confidence."

I researched here the possibility of an egg white having different colors. I discovered that it is common and could happen due to the egg being rotten, old, contamination of fungus or bacteria etc. Thus, I understood it has nothing to do with being "scared" or having lack of confidence because the APPEARANCE OF EGG MENTIONED IS NATURALLY POSSIBLE.

This is what I failed at #29. I couldn't find any information about it and I became worried that maybe it is not even possible naturally to have particles in an egg that resemble stones or small pebbles.

@Nyar: yes, I did read about oomancy but for some reason I went too deep and started researching about the biological explanation for each and every possible egg appearance instead of labeling the whole practice as bullshit from the start. This is where I trapped myself. I thought that since this is a ritual, the appearances mentioned should be far from natural as they are indicating curses, magic, evil and what not.

@LogicFTW: I failed to understand how it is naturally possible for an egg to have particles that resemble stones or small pebbles. As far as I had researched and known about eggs, these are the only parts in an egg: yolk, egg white (albumen), chalazae (white strings) and a thinner version of albumen.

So coming back to #29:

"29. Particles that settle on the bottom of the glass which look like stones or small pebbles indicate someone is working against the person. It’s a warning and the person who was cleansed should be aware of signs given. There are enemies. There are other means depending on the color of the particles and where they are placed."

I failed and still fail to understand how an egg can naturally have particles in it. Since I failed to understand, I became worried of the possibility of the supernatural claim of it being true i.e. particles represent that you have enemies. When I researched about it, I was expecting some sort of an explanation on a website that yeah there can be something like particles inside an egg which resemble small objects such as pebbles or blabla.

Couldn't find anything of such sort. I know I am sounding extremely dumb and illogical right now but I am stuck. I got no one else to ask this from. I don't know how to approach the #29 sign.

What questions do I ask to find out that it's also bullshit? Is it necessary to find out a biological explanation for the existence of particle-like substances inside an egg to understand that this sign also had nothing to do with the supernatural claim it makes or is it possible to debunk it without having to search the entire internet for this?


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@ Seeker

@ Seeker

No you did not make yourself clear in the OP.

hen I researched about it, I was expecting some sort of an explanation on a website that yeah there can be something like particles inside an egg which resemble small objects such as pebbles or blabla.

small particles and tiny bits of rock (actually calcium) in an egg is entirely normal in free range and home based cjhickens that are allowed to roam.

I kept chickens on my 10 acre place some years ago and some odd things turn up in a chickens egg.....there can be flecks of calcium, actually they are unfused bits of eggshell, you can also get grit depending on where the chickens feed even double shelled eggs which one chook was fond of laying. Never mind blood, treble yolkers, two headed chicks etc etc,

As I said EVERY ONE of those 29 stupidities are entirely normal for an egg depending on the chickens breed, DIET, laying condition, time of cycle etc etc.

Supermarket eggs tend to be free of most of the things in your #29 crappolas because they are grain fed exclusively, (even the "Free" range) xrayed before packing and so on.

Now, go home, put on your Superman Jammies and enjoy a nioce sleep.

Try and keep some chickens sometime, a neighbour of mine had a tiny plastic soldier turn up in one of his eggs.....

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Christ almighty, how many times do we have to explain an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy on here? It's a "god of the gaps" fallacy. Having no explanation does not evidence a supernatural explanation at all. That's all you need to know to withhold belief here, yet again.

Why do you return here every few weeks with the same inane cliched fallacy as if it hasn't been explained to you multiple times before?

Unless someone can demonstrate sufficient objective evidence for the claim, any claim, then believing it is is arbitrary and biased. When you see an illusionist perform a magic trick do you a) believe you've actually witnessed magic, or b) know exactly how they did it? If neither answer applies then why do you set a different standard for this sort of bullshit just because it's accompanied by an unevidenced claim for supernatural causation?

Fuck me I tire of repeating myself on this...

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I wasn't planning to reply

I wasn't planning to reply back on this considering that the topic is solved.

"Why do you return here every few weeks with the same inane cliched fallacy as if it hasn't been explained to you multiple times before?"

For someone who has always been an atheist, you, there is no way for you to possibly imagine what it feels like to have lived as a Muslim for 18 years of your life, dedicating every minute and hour to the religion.

You cannot possibly imagine how DAMAGING it can be to the BRAIN, both PHYSICALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY.

Do you actually think that I have a choice to NOT get confused? I wish I had, but I don't. And if you think I remember all fallacies by heart like you do, I don't. Even if I did, I'm sure I would've failed to use them because once again, for someone who invests their time, emotions and everything they stand for in a religion, there's too much involved.

Almost every question I ask here is only when it goes beyond me. Beyond me in terms of emotions, beyond me in terms of causing fears and beyond me in terms of logical reasoning.

I have NEVER called myself a logical person, nor have I called myself an emotionally strong individual. I've always mentioned, time and time again, that I'm learning. I'm fucking learning and I have a long way to go.

I do not expect you to EVER understand this because you have ZERO idea of the pain of ex Muslims who devoted EVERYTHING of their life to Islam. Some people don't devote everything. They become fortunate enough to escape the trap before it gets a terrible grasp on their mind. I DO NOT belong to those "Some people" group. I belong to the extremists group who memorized the book of their religion, spent every minute of their life pleasing motherfucking Allah and his motherfucking Prophet Muhammad.

I hope this gets well inside your mind to understand not everyone has escaped the motherfucking influences of religion yet. I have not found a single actively responding person here who was an ex Muslim. Someone who actively participates in debates. Everyone I found was either always an atheist or just became one after leaving Christianity or any other religion.

When Christopher Hitchens said Islam is THE MOST DANGEROUS religion in the world, he was damn right.

I do not wish to say anything else but avoid hurting others who are going through pain. You cannot know what the other person has went through in their life or how damaged they are.

Have a good day.

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I don't see a single word there to acknowledge the fallacy you used, I explained that having no explanation for something does't justify positing a supernatural explanation. You failed to answer my question, and you have again ignored my point. Instead of the histrionics read my answer as to why you don't need to debunk a claim based on nothing more than an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy.

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I never acknowledged the

I know I never acknowledged the usage of the mentioned fallacy. As I said, I do not memorize fallacies, practice their application or read them. I've never done it but I do plan to understand them. Besides, I didn't wanted to use the fallacy here. I was trying to find out the biological reason behind the existence of something which I assumed to be natural. I was just unable to find out information about it.

Other than that, you think what I wrote was histrionics? So I'm trying to be dramatic? Attracting attention? Dude, you haven't gone through shit in life then, I must assume.

Stop replying here now. I would never use the fallacy in the above situation because there's more history to it than you can possibly attempt to find out.

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Seek3r "

Seek3r "
I know I never acknowledged the usage of the mentioned fallacy. As I said, I do not memorize fallacies, practice their application or read them."

Yes that's my point, you repeated a fallacy you've used many times before, and yet again are simply ignoring this fact, it's fucking tedious, and of course dishonest. Change your username from seeker to dishonestly buries his head in the sand.

Seek3r "Other than that, you think what I wrote was histrionics? So I'm trying to be dramatic? Attracting attention? Dude, you haven't gone through shit in life then, I must assume."

I wouldn't saying trying, I'd say you achieved it. You can assume all you want about me, but the irony after your histrionics about me not knowing anything about your llife is palpable, and a shit life doesn't rule out unnecessary histrionics. Unlike you I don't use personal tragedy to throw tantrums and ignore facts when you are called on it.

Seek3r "Stop replying here now. "

This is a public forum, and you don't get to tell anyone when or what they can say. So suck it up.

Seek3r " I would never use the fallacy in the above situation because there's more history to it than you can possibly attempt to find out."

You did fucking use it, that's axiomatic, when you implied a claim for supernatural causation required debunking, because there was no known natural explanation, that is the very definition of an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy, and you don't need to memorise it, as it would take a nano second to Google it and see the claim you started a thread about was fallacious. I guess you don't want to learn to think for yourself. You'd rather rehash the same fallacious claims again and again, and as I said it gets tedious, especially when you ignore it as you've done here, and throw your toys out of your pram, to avoid addressing it yet again.

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Even though you are rude as

Even though you are rude as fuck, I did briefly understand the last patagraph of your reply.

I'm going to go learn these fallacies. I think my very way of approaching any kind of claim or argument is beyond fucked up.

So thank you but screw the way you talk.

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Seek3r "So thank you but

Seek3r "So thank you but screw the way you talk."

About fucking time, even though you are a tedious drama queen. Talk about dramageddon.

Old man shouts at clouds's picture
@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

Seek3r "So thank you but screw the way you talk."

Now Shelley, that was one of the best comebacks I have seen for along time...*shuffles off sniggering*

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The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Those words apply to this situation. Seek3R, what Sheldon is doing towards you is treating you not as a child, but a strong and rational individual. Over here this can also be interpreted as "tough love". Please calm down and ponder this situation. You have been able to exercise your independence and critical thinking in breaking free from religion, yet appear to fall easy victim to easy cons.

How do you approach a claim? On first learning of it, assess it whether it is normal and rational daily life, or something that appears supernatural.

Lesson number one .... anything supernatural is fake.

You may not be able to figure out how it is done, but one simple fact destroys supernatural con jobs. If the person was actually able to perform supernatural acts, they would instantly become very rich and famous around the world.

If someone can perform supernatural acts, then they must always be capable of doing the same under controlled conditions.

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@Seek3R: I think some of

@Seek3R: I think some of the problems you experience on the site is due to the fact that many of the assertions you are making are so fucking retarded that we can not see how anyone could possibly believe them. (THIS IS NOT A PUT-DOWN.) Many of us were theists and many of us held a whole lot of retarded beliefs ourselves. When a person believes in a god and that there are magical forces operating in the world, the brain confirms it in some really bizarre ways. I know I thought miracles were possible when I was a believer. I observed faith healing and went to evangelic tent revivals in the American Mid-west. I saw people touched by the holy spirit, talking in tongues, cured of maladies, dancing and singing for the lord.

Here is the issue for me. When I hear people talking about magical eggs (Just one example as that is the one before us.) The skeptic in me begins screaming "FRAUD!" "TROLL" "No one is that dumb." AND I FORGET THAT THERE WAS A TIME WHEN I WOULD HAVE BELIEVED THE SAME RETARDED BULLSHIT. The power of a little cross around the neck to ward off evil, a bit of holy water purchased on line to sprinkle around the house, a special blessed prayer cloth to give my prayers that added push towards holy fulfillment, and the utter horror of saying something wrong and offending the grace giving deity that never left my side.

So here is what I offer. As long as you are sincere, just keep posting your questions. You may need to read between the tone of our replies to get the information you need. Apologies for that, but, to be honest, most of us just don't remember how frigging gullible we were when we were theists. And the fact that we too were once gullible enough to believe in something like egg magic, astrology, crystal magic, pyramid power, etc..... is something that we just do not want to admit to ourselves.

You hang in there and keep posting your concerns. Try to separate our acrimonious retorts from the general information contained in them. It is the message being received that warrants the venomous nature of the response and not necessarily the person behind the response. If I had met you in a coffee shop, for example, and you had expressed the same concerns and were willing to listen, I would have simply pulled out my laptop and explained a few things to you civilly over a cup of coffee.

THIS, unfortunately, is not a coffee shop. You are not sitting in front of us. We have no idea at all if you are jerking our chain or being completely honest. Nothing you say is probably going to sway anyone on the site one direction or the other. It is going to be up to you to find the utility in the replies you receive. Whether the site is useful to you or not will depend on how you use it and obviously how thick skinned you can be.

I would like to see you stick around. It would be great to have a few ex-Muslim atheists on the site. While I work with Muslims on a regular basis, and while I have read the Quaran and feel as though I have a grasp of the religion as it is taught around here, I do not have the EXPERIENCE of being Muslim. I think that experience would be a valuable asset to the conversations around here. But to get there, you are going to have to understand our utter and complete disbelief in some of the (what we regard as absolutely silly) things you bring to the table. All I can tell you is TRY NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

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I don't know shit about

I don't know shit about chickens or eggs, but it took me less than 5 seconds to find a web forum, which appears to be used by amateur chicken farmers complaining about particles of material in their eggs. So I assume it is a mundane problem.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the responses.

@Old man shouts: I could have never thought about that, not in a billion years. Thank you so much, you just solved something which may seem puny to you but it had been torturing me for weeks. THANKS!

You guys are immensely helpful and I will make sure I read the books recommended to me by the fellow atheists here.

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Seek3R sometimes a very

Seek3R sometimes a very simple google search will ease the burden. I just searched "do eggs have pebbles" and got that info


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