Universe and big bang

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Universe and big bang

Hello everybody
Stephen hawking said the universe came into existance from nothing.... how can this happen?
Some action must take place to create the universe?
Who created the universe then?

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Amitanshu - Some action must

Amitanshu - Some action must take place to create the universe?

Says who?


Amitanshu - Who created the universe then?

Funny how you jumped from "some action" to a "who".

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Re: "Who created the universe

Re: "Who created the universe then?"

Ummmm... Pee-wee Herman?.... Arnold Schwarzenegger?.... Oh, I got it! Andy Griffith!...(Yeah, probably not.)

Ooooh, okay, I give up. Who?

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Chicken, egg.

Chicken, egg.

Universe, creator.

Which came first?

Actually the chicken/ egg question is more of an actual debatable subject as both chickens and eggs are observable, testable, quantifiable and virtually universally accepted as fact.

The first other one only meets 50% as only the universe meets the scientific standard of fact.

That creator stuff is the result of a scribe eating some weird mushrooms.

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Stephen Hawking didn't simply

Stephen Hawking didn't simply say 'the Universe came from nothing', it had a context and wasn't a simple, literal statement of fact.
..However, when one combines General Relativity with Quantum Theory, Jim Hartle and I realized that time can behave like another direction in space under extreme conditions. This means one can get rid of the problem of time having a beginning, in a similar way in which we got rid of the edge of the world. Suppose the beginning of the universe was like the South Pole of the earth, with degrees of latitude playing the role of time. The universe would start as a point at the South Pole. As one moves north, the circles of constant latitude, representing the size of the universe, would expand. To ask what happened before the beginning of the universe would become a meaningless question, because there is nothing south of the South Pole...

To understand what Stephen H was discussing it would be necessary to genuinely wish to comprehend what he was suggesting. It would also require the suspension of superstitious beliefs, including that of a universe creator obsessed with humans. Anyway, what such 'nothing' might be exactly, if it is a useful concept, is an ongoing discussion and not a simple statement of fact or a firm 'belief'.

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Obviously, you lack the education and/or the intelligence to comprehend what you are talking about.
Stephen Hawkings PROVED that something could come from nothing.
The answer to your question, "Who created the universe then?", the answer is no one.
This statement that you made,"Some action must take place to create the universe?", is a false statement.

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@Amitanshu Re: "Who created

@Amitanshu Re: "Who created the universe then?"

You're asking the wrong questions.

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Re: Who created the universe?

Re: Who created the universe?

Got it! Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey! How could I have ever forgotten the movie "Bruce Almighty"? Guess my brain was a little rusty today.

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Morgan and Jim? Nice, sane Morgan and ...Jim? That explains so much. (Face:palm)

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@Sushi Re: Morgan and Jim

@Sushi Re: Morgan and Jim

I know, right? Makes perfect sense.

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Amitanshu: "Who created the

Amitanshu: "Who created the universe then?"

Did he? I must have missed that episode. I thought Dr. Who was just a time traveller.


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"Stephen hawking said the

"Stephen hawking said the universe came into existance from nothing"
>>Existence, not existance (sic), and no he didn't. Scientists of the calibre of Stephen Hawking don't make absolute claims. He may have speculated about this, you have assumed the rest. He'd also be using a scientific definition of nothing which would not be an absolute.

"how can this happen?"
>>I think you mean how MIGHT this happen. You could read A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss. Though again it's unlikely he's making an absolute claim, and as a theoretical Physicist his concept of nothing will also not be an absolute.

"Some action must take place to create the universe?
>>I reject your claim without evidence, as it was made without any, by applying Hitchens's razor - slash.

"Who created the universe then?"
>>Who says it was created at all, and what evidence can they demonstrate beyond bald assertion and common logical fallacy like argumentum ad ignorantiam.

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Obviously the egg came first. Haven't you heard? Dinosaurs lived before chickens and they laid eggs.

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Physics breaks down at Plank

Physics breaks down at Plank's Constant - talking about what happened before is nonsense. We have no example anywhere of "NOTHING.": We get the idea of "nothing" from mathematics and paring the energy and matter of the universe with dark energy and dark matter to come up with zero. Even if the universe equals zero, this says nothing about anything beyond the universe.

The Big Bang does not begin from nothing. The Big Bang is not a cosmological theory. It does not explain the origin of the universe. It explains that the universe is expanding. This is about as close as we can get to a scientific fact. All the evidence we have supports the Big Bang. The universe is expanding. If we reverse that expansion we get a hot dense mass. If we reduce it even further we get a singularity. And if we reduce that we come upon Plank's Constant beyond which we have as yet been unable to penetrate because our physics breaks down. At no point in time or space do we approach the concept of "NOTHING."

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An almost pointless question.

An almost pointless question...

Firstly, No one can even conceptualize absolute nothingness! We have nothing to compare and contrast, we could say 'what appears to be nothing' but that leaves the door open to there being something rather then nothing.

Secondly, by claiming a creator or a being that brought all that we know into existence... we must prove that this 'thing' actually exists.

If you'd like to step up and meet the burden of proof on this matter I think we would all be eager to listen... however I would fully expect a simplistic argument from authority in referring to scriptures.

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