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Useful links

Someone showed a creationst this site and i was in the topic so i thought id check and it looks useful:

Also found a christian site explaining evolution to be useful.

My fav go to for arguing with people who have misconceptions abour evolution is this one its long but very well written:

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Thanks for sharing those

Thanks for sharing those links. It's nice reading the evolution topics. Very well explained!

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Those links are quite

Those links are quite interesting...

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Feel free to post other

Feel free to post other interesting links.
Ive been reading the evil bible website lately i wont link it here theres about a 1000% chance it will offend theists as it deals with the worst parts of the bible. Its worth looking at if your questioning your christianity. When i was questioning my christianity we didn't have the internet it took me 4-5 years to become an atheist i think if if had the internet it would have taken alot less time.

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Heres one you may find

Heres one you may find interesting; christian site explaining the fossil record.

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