Very disturbing action by some athiests co-workers

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Are you saying that not killing another human is a moral absolute? Therefore it can never be morally right to kill another human? Is that what you're saying?

I was talking in the light of the biblical commandment that Algebe referred to. If bible says ‘Though shall not kill” it can only be interpreted a universal, unless the party that interprets it to mean only jews bring the proof for the restrictive meaning. This is what makes the discussion objective, because you can validate or invalidate an interpretation based on proofs.

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"Even objective ideas can

"Even objective ideas can have conflicting interpretations."

No they can't, by definition.

"has more weightage of evidence."

Weightage (sic) ffs? Weight they have more weight, dear me.

Now one more time since you're thrashing about here, either you have absolute objective morality or they require subjective interpretation. The two positions are mutually exclusive.

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Meaning of weightage according to cambridge dictionary: The value or importance of something when compared with another thing. So, what I meant was more value in terms of evidence.

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Their collaboration shows that they can work well in a group setting. Work situations usually require a certain degree of team work. The real test might have been to see who would work together to solve difficult problems.


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