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View on Satanism

Satanism is a religion now. They don't believe in the biblical god because for them, their god is Satan. Most religious people relate atheism and satanism, but I know that they are different thing. For me satanism is the worst religion man had created. What is your view about satanism?

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Why is it the worst religion

Why is it the worst religion created by man in your opinion? Have you read Anton Lavey's Satanic bible? I think most of the "commandments" in the satanis bible are a lot more fair than those in the christian bible.

The satanis religion of sacrificing goats and killing innocent people is pure hollywood garbage combined with deranged minds such as Infek Bin Laden and the many hardcore satanists that have lived in earlier centuries. The pure new age satanist is someone who believe each adn every one of us is god, and nature itself is god. The modern Laveyan satanist is a respectful human being that will not hesitate to crush anyone that tries to humilliate or hurt him or her in any way. This is why I have repect for most of the ideologies in modern satanism. Respect others but never allow anyone to step on you.

There are many great things you can take from satanism as well as ridiculous demon summoning spells that kind of take some of the persuasive power that book had, but still, much of it can be rescued and applied in life.

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I'm actually a huge fan of

I'm actually a huge fan of LaVey, I bought my first copy of the Satanic Witch when I was 13 so he's a big part of my later childhood :) There's really very little Satan in Satanism, by his definition. I know of no higher authority on the subject, unless anyone's been reading more than me?

Lucifer, the Morning Star, is the equivalent of Apollo in the Greek Pantheon. The God of Knowledge, fresh insight, an revelation. Definitely worthy of worship, much more than many other gods... and definitely worthy of disdain by religions that thrive on the ignorance and complacency of their followers. No wonder Christians hate him.

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Satan is just as much a fairy

Satanism is just as much a fairy tale as any other religion.

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Actually, satanism has a lot

Actually, satanism has a lot more reality involved in it than any religion. They believe in the strenght and power of human nature as a god in itself.

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I was referring to the

I was referring to the theistic version of Satanism.

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Then I wonder why they use

Then I wonder why they use the term Satanism as the name of their religion when they don't perceive him as god? I haven't read the Satanic bible yet but I have heard their ridiculous rituals.

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Lavey states that Satanism is

Lavey states that Satanism is only different for humanism simply because it has religious dogma, ( which is the fact that they perform rituals). The rituals themselves are performed souly to "mock" Christianity, which I for one find silly, although I use to deem myself as a Satanist years ago because I thought that indulging in my carnal desrires was a great outlook, which I still believe. However, although one may a non- believer, using the term 'Satan' as the force around earth, and performing blasphemous rituals as a joke at the same time seems like a slight contradiction.

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Mocking other religion just

Mocking other religion just to defend one's religion is really silly. And I think that's the common ways that every religion does. In one way or another, they tend to mock the beliefs of other religions just to make theirs move forward and gather more members

In Satanism, they make foolish, scary, hurtful and nonsense rituals just to contradicts the teachings of Christ.

Satanism is indeed the craziest religion ever.

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Actually, they don't have

Actually, they don't have scary hurtful nonsense rituals, unless you're afraid of orgies.

And they don't just do it to mock Christianity, they do it to keep out prudes who would write them off for nothing more than a name.

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The issue is the distinction

The issue is the distinction between theistic and atheistic Satanism. Anton LaVey's Church of Satan is atheistic, in that it does not teach that Satan (i.e. the greatest of the eight Archangels of Christian mythology, said to have been banished from Heaven after rebelling against Yahweh) in fact exists. Rather, it uses the character of Satan as an example to follow, insofar as the rejection of unwarranted external authorities is encouraged, in favour of the worship of the self and the fulfillment of one's own desires. Theistic Satanism - i.e. the literal belief in and worship of the deity known as Satan, Lucifer, Be'elzebub and various other names - is very different, and of course just as nonsensical as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or any other religion you care to name.

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Completely agree. On the

Completely agree. On the other side of the equation is "Sea of Faith," which looks at god as not an actual being with objective existence but rather an ideal to which one aspires.

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I found most of LaVey's bible

I found most of LaVey's bible to be very good and logical but they ruined it when it started talkinmg about summoning demons and doing rituals. It really destroyed the seriousness it had built in the first chapters.

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I have just managed to source

I have just managed to source the book online and having a brief read through it does seem fairly absurd and I can certainly see what you meant now!

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I started reading the

I started reading the satanist bible and it made sense to me far more than the bible itself like Rob and animal leader said the ridiculous parts are the ones about summon demons

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Is this "satanist bible" you

Is this "satanist bible" you speak about a popular book, I have never heard of it before. It does sound rather ridiculous from what I have heard from this thread, I might be inclined take a look at it if I get a chance to.

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Yeah, I think summoning

Yeah, I think summoning demons is just about as ridiculous as those people that worm around on the floor in the evangelical churches speaking in tongues. But at least they see what's good for the goose is good for the gander, let's all get possessed!

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well before joing this

well before joing this discussion....i honestly had the sterotyp idea of summoning demons and the devil .....ya i kno i was i think i get to kno a lil bit abt as a atheist hw can any of us possibly belief in satan???....i cant actually relate...wasnt the concept of devil and god just another of those things like---heaven and hell....???!!!....iam can sanatism go with atheism..???...

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It doesn't, God and the devil

It doesn't, God and the devil go hand and hand.

"Love and marriage they go together like a horse and carriage try try try to set the reigns and it's an illusion this I tell your brother you cant have one without the other!"

The only way satanism and atheism go together is in the mind of some theist who will preach atheist are of the devil.

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I do not believe that

I do not believe that satanism and atheism go at all well together. In fact quite the contrary, I believe that both religion and satanism are more closely related.

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Now they're saying that the

Now they're saying that the Satanism of Lavey has nothing to do with Satan and it does not believe in any god, then their bible should not speak about summoning demons. Basically if they believe in demons, they believe that god exist to counteract those demons.

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Yes mystic, just like all

Yes mystic, just like all other religions, satanism is also man made and flawed big time!

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The whole ideology behind

The whole ideology behind this satanism is completely absurd, it sounds as if it was solely created in order to mock other religions, I cannot fathom any reason why one would follow such a cult.

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I agree with you on it being

I agree with you on it being mocking of other religions, but it think I was also created as a way for people who did not believe in god to be able to get together and have a place where god loving individuals would not go. i think the demon worship was thrown in to guarantee that. as taking part would doom most people who did not fit the bill to hell according to their belief. I see a certain appeal to it. But yeah don't see anyone would follow such a cult either except for shock value like Marylin Manson who is a member and it makes sense for him to be so.

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Hello everyone.

Hello everyone.

Satanism is a term specifically defining certain religions that are not necessarily related in any significant way besides the common subject of "Satan/Lucifer" from the Judeo-christian myths. These varying religions consist of many separate ideologies and philosophical beliefs or understandings.

One of the most prominent aspects of Satanism is the use of Satan as a symbol of individualism and spiritual dissent. In this way Satan is a literary symbol, and used as a template for an established religion based on a certain philosophy and or ideology.

Within these styles of Satanism, symbolism may vary in strength and intensity as well as the level of mysticism. For the most part the invocation of magic, spells and demons is not truly considered real, but rather a cathartic practise of the religion. However, the more prominent symbolism is and serious it is taken within the religion, the more foggy the lines of reality may be to the onlooker and even some of the practitioners. Indeed some practitioners of Satanism may personally take the religion literally, regardless of its intent according to the founders.

There is another form of Satanism I will mention known as Theistic Satanism (actual worship of the "Devil"). Theistic Satanism is the form where Satan is viewed as an actual being, quite real and supernatural etcetera. Theistic Satanism is (to atheists at least) utter nonsense to the n'th degree. It is the least common form of Satanism, and I will not be entertaining it further.

The most prominent form of Satanism is LaVeyan Satanism. LaVeyan Satanism is not even considered a religion by many of its followers, yet it very much is a religion by design and definition. However the point that is usually being made in that assertion is that the practise is in fact atheistic.

Basically, LaVeyan Satanists are atheists. However they see Satan as a symbol of man, and a vessel of humanism. The incorporation of dogma and ritual is for the cathartic expression of the individual and not to be taken literally.

It is very possible to be a religious atheist and the vast majority of Satanists would fall into that category. Statanism is not designed to mock religions in general (as it is one) but more so to mock the superstitious spiritualism and mysticism so heavily engrained within our cultures.

I personally find the ideological and philosphical foundations of Satanism in contradiction to my personal philosophical beliefs, so I do not necessarily support it. But I would have to say that it is not bad nor evil, and most definitely not as illogical and irrational as Islam, Christianity and the like.

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