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Respectfully, a debate with a

Respectfully, a debate with a non-atheist who has the spirit of God could add a greater dimension to a unhappy life.

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What god would you suggest

Just out of curiosity, what god would you suggest that person should have for it to have the best effect? Krishna, Waheguru, Zeus, Allah, Odin, Shiva, Amun-Ra, Yahweh or Bahá? Perhaps some other god?

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Depression isn't complicated:

Depression isn't complicated: it's a result of neurological chemical imbalances and negative perspectives both causally and consequentially related to synapse-mapping. The best treatment is threefold: perspective training (for instance CBT or transactional analysis therapy), chemical treatment, and time. Eventually, the treatments will remap synapses, correct chemical imbalances, and allow you to create support networks and more positive attitudes that help prevent recurrences.

See a highly qualified psychotherapist, get happy, and stay happy.

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depression can also be due to

depression can also be due to conditioning, stress, environment, or not being happy with your life. That has been my personal experience. treating those is more complicated in execution

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My good moods are what

My good moods are what literally give everything including my composing dream life. It is not just a matter of some lab rat living to get their reward system stimulated. My good moods are something far more profound than that. Without them, then everything is "dead" (meaningless). I experience my feelings/emotions very profoundly. That includes depression. So depression, for me, is also a very profound experience. It is the most profoundly horrific crippling experience for me. My thoughts alone without my good and bad moods do not give me any profound experience at all. Only an intellectual experience. I will say it one last time here:

Give me a life that reflects the greatness and personality of me and my composing talent. That being, an eternal blissful life. I absolutely cannot stand living a way of life that doesn't suit my personality and greatness at all. Not just for me. But for everyone else who would also want to live eternal blissful lives as well. You might also ask me as to why it is that I must focus on the negative (the idea that there is suffering and that when you die, you die and that is it) rather than the positive (that I have this one and only life to make the best of).

My answer here would be that it is only natural for the brain to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. That is just how the brain is hardwired. For most people anyway. Me included. That, and if I ever have to live my life with treatment resistant depression most or my entire life in a pretend situation, then I would have mostly missed out on all the good meaning here in this life.

Even though I am well aware what reality is. That being, there is death, suffering, and that there are no mystical/supernatural things such as toothfairies or a God and an afterlife, I would consider my attitude (personality) to be out of reality. My personality transcends the death and suffering of this life and wishes to eliminate it rather than to just simply dismiss it and accepting it as a way of life that cannot be completely fixed. I am someone who wants to create an eternal blissful life for us all. An idea that most people and even many atheists would just simply dismiss right out of hand and deem as ridiculous. It would be called:

"Project Eternal Bliss"

But many things that we thought were impossible in the past were made possible through science in the future. So do not just dismiss this idea out of hand. It is an idea that does matter. Just because something doesn't exist doesn't mean that it doesn't matter. For that very reason, an eternal blissful life matters to me even though it does not currently exist and might not ever exist. Plenty of things never existed in the past and were nothing more than ideas at the time. But that doesn't mean that these ideas were dismissed. They later ended up becoming a reality through science later on in the future.

When I see life stories of people who have suffered from some form of suffering such as a major illness and could only make the best of the short time they had to live, then that to me is utterly inferior. No, I am not calling those suffering people inferior in the sense of frowning upon them. I am instead saying that this very way of life is utterly inferior. The fact that we as human beings are born into this world only to mainly suffer and then to just forever die in the end, this is utterly inferior and loathsome to me. It needs to be eliminated.

It is utterly inferior to my personality and does not suit my personality at all including the personalities of many other innocent people. So that is why I say it is vital to create an eternal blissful life. Now I am going to say some more last things before I conclude this packet.

The first thing being that I am the feeling/emotional creative type and not the intellectual type. I would rather be in a blissful eternal emotional fantasy world than to be someone intellectual living in a harsh life of death and suffering in which I struggle with depression and an absence of my good moods. I am a composer and not a scientist.

Therefore, that says a lot about me. I am the type of person who is creative and wishes to experience profound good feelings/emotions from my composing and from living rather than someone who pursues and values intellect/intelligence over my good moods and wishes to be a scientist. I live to feel from things. I do not live to just do things and to just live my life intellectually without my good moods.

It is almost sort of no different than an actor. The actor does not wish to intellectually act out the scenes. He wishes to feel the scenes when acting them out. So in that same sense, I wish to feel good from my compositions when making and listening to them. That is my one and only reason for living and in being a composer. Nothing else. I have no value whatsoever towards living my life and composing intellectually alone without my good moods.

I have an ideal reality envisioned in my mind. It is an eternal blissful one of no suffering. This life of death and suffering is utterly inferior compared to it. The beauty of nature and whatnot is all great. So I have nothing against that and don't view that as inferior. Just the death and suffering I view as inferior. We can compare things in reality to what we have in mind. For example, if I got a videogame and I envisioned a greater version of that game in my mind, then I could say that the game I am playing here in reality is crap and is not as good as the one envisioned in my mind. So in that same sense, a life of death and suffering is nothing compared to the ideal life I have in my mind.

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