Wannabe Priest Charged With Sexually Assaulting, Luring Children

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Wannabe Priest Charged With Sexually Assaulting, Luring Children

A Catholic man who claims to be a priest has been arrested and is now facing charges for sexual assault, child pornography, extortion, and more.
Just more sick and twisted crap from religious nut job.


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Wow! The Catholic priesthood

Wow! The Catholic priesthood is now such a proven strategy for pedophiles that pedophiles are posing as fake priests.

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The Catholic priesthood is

The Catholic priesthood is essentially becoming Schrödinger's cat.

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The guy had some good role

The guy had some good role models to follow. Catholic priest have been abusing children for along time, and covering it up.

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Book of Damien 6:66 "the

Book of Damien 6:66 "the chosen ones asked god what to do with the children whom ask too many questions... and the Lord saw the nonces in robes and said "fuck them"... but they left before he could clarify..."

True story...

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An institution that requires

An institution that requires celibacy (which includes no masturbation) and puts them in leadership roles of children. It is insane! How can adults living in a perpetual state of blue balls be expected to lead young people?

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For a religion that lambasted

For a religion that lambasted sodomy they sure are keen on participating in it!

Also, you have to chuckle at theists always trying to claim a strangle hold on morality when they're peers cannot obey their own laws and are happy to cover up for scum such as Bernard Law and possibly Cardinal Pell if found guilty.

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