Warning - Good News Clubs

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Warning - Good News Clubs

I just stumbled onto this in the Friendly Atheist blog - If true, this is terrifying.

This group deliberately holds their religious services in US schools = Nearly free infrastructure & the Tea party defunded schools get money.

They get the authority of the school - refuse free space offered in churches next door.

Deliberately target small children.

Offer 'free' after school care- Since they say they are 'Christian', the parents all assume they teach the Golden Rule and how to behave.

In fact, 90% of their message is - If you and your parents don't belong to this group, you are all going to rot in hell.

They promote religious bullying and intolerance.

They post photos of the non-believers on the walls.


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After School Satan to the

After School Satan to the rescue:


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The Better News Club run by

The Better News Club run by the atheists that teaches critical thinking sounds like a better idea.

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No! Satan makes them run away

No! Satan makes them run away and go back to their churches.

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They know the only way they

They know the only way they can stay alive is to indoctrinate the children before the heathen's can brainwash them.


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Yea, I saw that. Basically a

Yea, I saw that. Basically a reactionary group. Calling themselves Satanists was the biggest mistake they could have made. 1. They don't worship Satan 2. They have to survive a social stigma. It's basically a decent idea that ends up worthless because of the name they have chosen for their after school organization.

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The Satanic Temple has been

The Satanic Temple has been successful at shutting down some religious infiltration in schools and town meeting halls,etc. The extreme position convinces some believers to keep their own beliefs private.

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Yeah I'm quite aware of the

Yeah I'm quite aware of the Good New Club, and what it actually is and does.

They do what religious people always do: they lie. They lie about who and what they are in order to get in the door and then they lie ab about what they do.

After all, the 11th Commandment is "Lying is fine when you're lying for Jesus"

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