"We are at war with terrorism, not religion." French prime minister.

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"We are at war with terrorism, not religion." French prime minister.

"We are in a war against terrorism, not a war against religion"" is the response of French prime minister Manuel Valls, to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.
Again the pernicious religion of Islam is, like all other religions is being privileged; inferring that Jihadists are somehow removed from the 'true' Islam.
Islam was created by the sword, and Jihadist terror continues this, Jihadism is a symptom of that religion. To ignore religion, and not to attack the absurdities, and irrationality of religion is an ignominy to humanity. Religion is the cause of so much misery and death, yet we somehow still give it immunity from criticism.
What do you think?

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I think you're right !

I think you're right !

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I think you are wrong. He

I think you are wrong. He said they are at war with terrorism not that religion should get a pass. Are you saying that he should wage a war against a belief?

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I agree with you Anti. There

I agree with you Anti. There is terrorism committed in the name of religion. There is also terrorism committed for other reasons, sometimes by people who are religious. There's a difference. The former is what just happened in France. When terrorism is committed in the name of religion, the acts of terrorism and the religion itself are not separate things, the religion is causal.

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I think he is right to say

I think he is right to say that, to try to keep people from attacking mosks and muslims in general. They should try to avoid chaos that will get a lot of innocent people getting hurt or killed.

But I religion should not by any means get a pass.

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I hear what you're saying.

I hear what you're saying. However, IMO, if a nonmuslim commits retaliatory terrorism then they are also committing this act in the name of religion and are equally guilty as the one(s) who made the first move. Religion is causal in both cases.

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I agree.

I agree.
It's good that you can read my entries even though half the words are missing. :)

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I can't see how muslims keep

I can't see how muslims keep claiming that the jihadists, terrorists and extremists are not connected to real Islam, or that they are not real muslims.
If you ask the jihadists, terrorists and extremists, they would say that they are the real muslims and that everything they are doing is in accordance with Islamic law.

I don't know that much about Islam, but isn't the differance just depending on the interpretation of the religion?

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Exactly. "Real (insert

Exactly. "Real (insert religion here)" is a fiction created for plausible deniability. Religion is not some ethereal phenomenon out there somewhere... It's the boots-on-the-ground actions of those who believe they act on its behalf.

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It's really sad to know that

It's really sad to know that people focuses on wrong perceptions and beliefs that can only results to malevolence. I hope people will became more aware with what is really happening in the world.

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Wow, the bodies aren't even

Wow, the bodies aren't even buried yet, and the media has already started acting like Islam is the victim here?

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The war is against organized

The war is against organized bad ideas, A Religion like Islam is one of those catastrophically bad ideas.

Jihadists, terrorists and extremists are the results of those bad ideas.

Mind control was and is a bad idea, when you start defending a bad idea because mind control brings peace, etc.., you are building your castle on sand and when the tide comes the entire castle will fall.

We need a war on mind control organizations that target little children with theologies that can make them do horrible things.
Christianity and Islam are part of this group.

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