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A forum is only as

A forum is only as interesting as the people that post on it. Thanks for joining TheBlindWatchmaker!

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Good to hear you are inspired

Good to hear you are inspired.

Hard to imagine you as the "new guy." I started posting here over a year ago, and you seemed like one of the regulars to me at the time.

I post here when I have the time available and if it is rewarding to me. For those that know me, they know I can get pretty long winded. So I tend to put in hours instead of minutes at a time here. With large gaps in between.

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When I was as Jesus freak, I

When I was as Jesus freak, I was a Democrat. I live in a blue state, and I am a republican. I get shivers every time a Republican talks about god, as well as every time I read the back of a dollar bill. "In god we trust"... I want to start writing YPUR TRUST IS MISPLACED , or I could do Yoda style, and "misplaced your trust is". Frustrated with all the dimwitted Jesus freaks.
Cob, glad you have made this place, you and the others and the moderators ect. Not to would like a broken record, but it is nice to have a place where People openly acknowledge lack of belief in the non existent. We don't all agree on everything, but we can agree on this! I was going to join the masons, but they claim to believe in a diety. I can't do it. I'll pretend to help my kid get am education, but not to be in a club that can potentially help me professionally. I should start a threat asking if there are any masons... hmmm.....

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Don't join the Freemasons Jax

Don't join the Freemasons Jax. If you value your integrity and personal freedom, do not do it.

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I'd like to contribute to your public awareness campaign. Can I send you a box of permanent markers?

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Hey old man, no time to do it

Hey old man, no time to do it anyway, and they give me the heebie jeebies. Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent.

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I agree we have a fun bunch

I agree we have a fun bunch right now. That includes you, Breezy!

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i'm brand-new, too. "the

i'm brand-new, too. "the woman who talked too much." but i've been practicing brevity, so hopefully i'll do better. this site is awesome, esp. compared to Facebook with its mountains of stupid off-hand comments and idiot trolling. i'm just loving Twitter; even the recipes are excellent!

thanks to everyone who contributes. y'all have great senses of humor, something vital that's mostly missing in the god-fearing. i keep learning, daily. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Hollis, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’" (Hamlet and HER)

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Hollis! You are a breath of

Hollis! You are a breath of fresh air. Hope you stay around a long time!


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