What are the whackiest religions that you know of and why?

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What are the whackiest religions that you know of and why?

I see Scientology and Mormonism as virtually the same thing. Both make slaves of their followers, have an odd relationship with an alien conspiracy theory, and are based on the drug-induced visions of a complete scam artist. I can't think of anything more whacky. I'm sure there are some out there given the crazy behavior of many religious people.
I find Buhdism kind of crazy. Not particularly the religion ( it was never meant to be a religion at all) but the behavior and practices of its followers. Monks that set themselves on fire to protest things...NUTS! How the fuck is that becoming one with nature?
I understand some of the crazy things demanded of older religions.
Jews and Muslims don't eat pork- because it use to be dangerous.
Hindus don't eat meat (cows)- because a cow could plow a field and feed more people that way.
Banning alcohol- well many people abuse and become out of control under certain influences.
Of course, times are different. Pork is a safe meat to eat other than the cholesterol thing. Food is relatively available to Hindus if they could just afford it. There is no need to ban meat.
Of course, Hindus have many sects and one actually demands the wife of a man being cremated throw herself on the funeral pyre and be consumed by the flames...fucking stupid and barbaric!
Of course, christianity is really far out there. The idea that a person was born of a virgin was executed for no reason and then came back as a ghost is like a bad movie.
Fucking all religions are whacky, but what do you consider the whackiest?

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My favorite is the Latter Day

My favorite is the Latter Day Saint Movement (to give Mormonism it's original name) not least because Joseph Smith, before he became the founder of this 'religion' in the 1820's was on public record as being a convicted fraudster.

If that doesn't say it all about 'Prophets' and their credibility I don't know what does.

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@mykcob ....

@mykcob ....

My choice was going to be the so-called ..... "Prince Philip Movement" .....

"The Prince Philip Movement is a religious sect followed by the Kastom people around Yaohnanen village on the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu. It is a cargo cult of the Yaohnanen tribe, who believe that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the consort to Queen Elizabeth II, is a divine being."


I said it was "going to be" my choice ....... BUT then I realised that it is not really that weird.....

after all ......Prince Philip actually exists ....

Which gives this cult a leg up on nearly every other religion going.

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@watchman ....

@watchman ....

Yeah, that's a good one. The John Frum cargo cult is another classic too.

On the South Pacific island of Tanna they worship the spirit of an American World War II soldier (in the hope he'll return with Coca-Cola, TVs and medicine)


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@Big George .....

@Big George .....

Yes ,I know the John Frum cult ..... indeed from the source for the Prince Philip Movement.....

"According to ancient Yaohnanen tales, the son of a mountain spirit travelled over the seas to a distant land. There, he married a powerful woman and in time would return to them. He was sometimes said to be a brother to John Frum of another local cargo cult."

A classic example of the mechanics of building a religion up from very little into a larger narrative while not disillusioning allied believers.

Demonstrating the "layering" effect of interlacing myths/stories ..... perhaps we can see John Frum as the Jesus narrative and Prince Philip as John the Baptist story ..... or vice-versa.

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How about Aum Shinrikyo?

How about Aum Shinrikyo?

This doomsday cult was a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Book of Revelations. It's leader, Shoko Asahara, declared himself to be Jesus Christ. They identified the U.S. as the "beast" in Revelations and predicted a nuclear Armageddon that would kill everyone except cult members. They kidnapped and murdered critics, and extorted money from members. They used to have big demonstrations with people wearing elephant heads like Ganesh.

And then they went really crazy. They recruited science graduates who manufactured Sarin nerve gas. After a couple of practice runs in Nagano, they placed Sarin bombs on the Tokyo subway, killing and maiming many people.

They also bought a remote cattle station (ranch) in Australia. Investigators later found they'd been trying to mine uranium.

They're still around. Renamed "Aleph" or "Circle of Light," they have thousands of followers in Eastern Europe and Russia.

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UFO centered religions such

UFO centered religions such as Urantiia, Unarius, Heavens Gate, or Scientology are the wackiest. Meet the folks, you shall know them by their wackiness!

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there was sufficient reason

there was sufficient reason for Christ death the jews said that jesus was a blasphemer and wanted him crucified at least the Sanhedrin who spoke on behalf of the people did, And then you come to the romans they killed Christ because the charge of sedition of the state treason if you will. So I wouldn`t say there weren`t sufficient reasons for executing Jesus Christ. the thing here is was he the son of an almighty God, People are still trying to figure this out two thousand years later. historians .philosophers clergy you name it are still debating these points. We may never know for certain.

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AB : What the fuck does that

AB : What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Did you read the OP? Are you here to discuss or preach?

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@Agnostic Believer: "there

@Agnostic Believer: "there was sufficient reason for Christ death the jews said that jesus was a blasphemer"

Well that gets my vote for wackiest religion.

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Fuck YOU AG!

Fuck YOU AG!
Your post has nothing to do with the thread. If you want to proselytize do so somewhere else, besides there probably wasn't a jesus in the first place. So get off my nut and suck your own dick asshole!

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Why do you curse me and say

Why do you curse me and say these things if I`m just calling you out on your error filled post. just stating the facts do you have trouble with the truth here. Mainstream scholars all would support my statement. So you have a problem with truth. go get help!!!!!

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@Agnostic Believer: "Why do

@Agnostic Believer: "Why do you curse me"

"Fuck you" isn't a curse. It's an obscenity. "Go to hell" would be a curse.

"Mainstream scholars all would support my statement. "

Mainstream scholars wouldn't understand your statement.

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it doesn`t matter what you

it doesn`t matter what you call it is still an obscenity I never use profane language to anyone the least they could do in trying to convey a point is to use proper etiquette. I don`t think that is asking to much of an individual do you? we don`t speak to strangers we know using that kind of language then why should we use this language because we disagree with his or her point of view. I`m sorry I was raised by the old school methods I guess in todays culture its to much to expect civility.

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@agnostic believer: "profane

@agnostic believer: "profane language"

Yes. "Profanity" is good all round word for offensive language, though I think that originally meant language that showed disrespect for religion. Did you know that the swear word "bloody" started out as "By our lady"?

But do you think it's proper etiquette to insert yourself into an ongoing conversation among people of like minds and start preaching at them? Maybe you and I went to different "old schools", but in my book that's a bit rude.

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this debate forum is open to

this debate forum is open to all, I`m only giving my opinion I`m not using profane language here. If you look at several of my threads they are responses to people who signaled me out and typed my name. otherwise the forum continues with anyone permitted to reply. You don`t make the rules your only one person of many on this website. Your opinion counts as much as my opinion counts. But I will say that some people get away with using really hate speech and violent language.And it is allowed by the moderators.because you know why there Atheist, that`s exactly why.

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This debate forum is not open

This debate forum is not open to preaching or proselytizing which all you do. My cussing doesn't violate any of the forum guidelines. Your incessant proselytizing does. You can't even construct a proper sentence, nor punctuate correctly so don't "preach" to me about language. If you want to preach get a soapbox, set up on a corner somewhere and have a go. Don't do it here. You're fucking stupid!

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Run along now, little boy. Shoo. The adults are talking. Go back to making your mud cakes outside.

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@Agnostic Believer: "This

@Agnostic Believer: "This debate forum is open to all, I'm only giving my opinion"

That's right. So what opinion were you expressing in your post that began with "there was sufficient reason for Christ death the jews said that jesus was a blasphemer"?

To me it looked like a garbled religious rant that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this thread. That's a lot ruder than any language that Mykcob4 might have used.

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mykcob4--Not nice to use

mykcob4--Not nice to use such dirty language--What would your mother think.. "So get off my nut and suck your own dick ass hole." Good try but you could do better..

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Triumph I use the language

Triumph I use the language that is most effective and everyone understands. I don't answer to my mother and haven't for a long time. I'll thank you to keep my mother out of it as I don't evoke anything about your mother. AG is a proselytizing asshole that needs to have his hat handed to him. I am willing to slap him down every time he preaches!

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mykcob4-- Your language is

mykcob4-- Your language is only part of your problem. You seem very hostile. Maybe a 12 step program or a psychiatrist might help. As I recall members in this forum have been kicked out for doing less..Peace

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Oh, Triumph. I will be as

Oh, Triumph. I will be as hostile as I see fit. I assure you I don't need counseling. No members were sent off for a number of things, mainly proselytizing.

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well some body finally agrees

well some body finally agrees with me that mykcob that your language that you sprout on this web forums shows that your in real need of a mental health professional. I will encourage that my friend. only trying to help you the less fortunate!!!!!

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As if I would believe

As if I would believe something from you AG an insure mentally deranged fool. Triumph doesn't know me or why I am hostile to the people I am hostile to. You've earned hostility. You don't respect a damn thing.

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We're actually not trying to

We're actually not trying to figure it out. We know it's bullshit. You are a bore. Go away.

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Reincarnation is a pretty

Reincarnation is a pretty wacky concept to me? Who thinks this sorta shit up?

Buddhists believe in a cycle of reincarnation that can only be ended if the 'soul' in question can reach a state of absolute enlightenment. Not only that, if you fail to do sufficient 'good deeds' in your present human body, you might come back as a rat or an insect in your next life. How a rat can do sufficient 'good deeds' to get promoted back to a human, let alone how a roach can achieve enlightenment, I don't know.

I do know that I have squished quite a few mosquitoes in my time and I couldn't care less if they were somebody's Great Aunt Betty or not. Luckily I am not a Buddhist so karma is unlikely to get me.

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Haha, I often think about

Haha, I often think about whose relative I just murdered when I squish fruit flies and the sort. But hey, perhaps they'll be one step closer to Nirvana thanks to us.

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Trumpism is the Darth Vadar

Trumpism is the Darth Vadar of all religions. As the leader proclaimed. "I can shoot someone on fifth Avenue and my supporters will "obey" me. Donald Trump (Darth Vadar) is a psychopath, egomaniac, sociopath, narcissist, a terrible, horrible, bad evil racist with no empathy. Donald (Messiah Trump) followers honor and praise the monster blindly. Donald fucking Trump has the capability to launch 1654 nuclear bombs. Trumpism of all the religions combined is the Darth Vadar of all religion with the ability to kill the world.

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Here in Finland we have an

Here in Finland we have an extremist Lutheran revival moment of whackos called Lestadiolaisuus, aka Laestadianism. I've always known they're around, because they arrange ridiculously huge summer parties (the very non-fun kind), but the only fact I ever really knew about them was that they have a lot of babies. So you know, they love without any gloves. Think: the Duggars, but worse, if possible.

Here are a few fun facts, courtesy of Wikipedia:
- There are only about 144,00 - 219,00 Laestadians worldwide (and I bet they're all related). Most live in Finland or other Nordic countries.
- They greet each other by saying Jumalan terve, which is a dumb way of saying "God's greeting".
- They don't partake in such modern sins as dancing, TV, birth control, music (apart from hymns), make-up, earrings, movies, alcohol, tattoos, aaaand cursing.
- There have been numerous stories/articles about rape within Laestadianism. The husband is allowed to determine what rights a wife has, if any. And refusing sex isn't a right. Because, you know, must make more babies.
- Most older kids end up raising the younger ones.

I suppose they're not too whacky, just boring, conservative, strict, and oh-so very much behind the times.

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We have the same thing in the USA. We call it the "moral majority"! Or Trump supporters AKA the Freedom Caucus (Tea Party)!


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