What are the whackiest religions that you know of and why?

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Haha, sounds about right!

Haha, sounds about right! Although, knowing a lot about Trump, he breaks the rules with his vanity products, his god-awful taste in music, his need to kiss women (Laestadians don't kiss each other outside their bedrooms), and his obvious lack of belief in any god.

Although, he does like to dictate how women should be, behave, and look, so yeah, he fits the moral majority bill.

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@Pakana: "And refusing sex

@Pakana: "And refusing sex isn't a right"

Religion ultimately seems to be about sex. Holy books are full of rules about who can have sex and who can't. Who can say "no" and who can't. Most religions are about men gaining power over women.

I think religion is a symptom of normal sexual urges repressed and twisted into hatred, anger, sadism by guilt about sin. The ultimate expression of the warped religious mindset is genital mutilation of children.

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@Algebe I completely agree.

@Algebe I completely agree. Religion is about sex and controlling people's bodies.

I understand the point of holy books in sex education in the past - the books were a way of keeping people from spreading too many STDs around at a time when no one even knew what hygiene was. And as with many other silly things in holy books, the rules became obsolete when science stepped into the picture, but people still held onto the rules, because no amount of evidence can wipe away thousands of years of stupidity and indoctrination.

It's rather sad that people created gods that, instead of caring about world peace and curing suffering, cared about what bits of people's nethers needed to be cut off.


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