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What are your thoughts

I think that we need to provide essential Human right .
1 Food and water That we don't starve human beings.
2. To provide shelter from the elements .
3 Medical care
4 Education to those who want it
I provide these thing for my animals
I believe society need to help the those less fortunate . Not because of where there born but because they are all family in the human race. Tell me what you think

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That's socialism, I suppose.

That's socialism, I suppose.

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I would extend your list by

I would extend your list by one, which would be to minimize humanity's negative impacts on the planet and our fellow inhabitants.

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Yup...... Utopia...

Yup...... Utopia...

Now...how you going to make it work ?

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As long as you are willing to

As long as you are willing to pay for your suggestions it's okay with me.

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Any type of solutions to your

Any type of solutions to your suggestions demands some form of unity.

It just cannot happen if only some are pulling the rope.

So first what we need to fix is the so called working societies which do not work at all.
Based on capitalism and greed which only leads to one result, the rich become richer at the expense of the rest until something drastic happens like a recession or war breaks.

Apart that the current super countries cannot even afford to fix their own mess, right now surly they cannot afford to fix other countries problems.

So even if a country decides to "help" in some way, it would be pulling the rope on it's own because the countries that need help are not willing or even capable of helping themselves.

Some of the aspects that need to be fixed before even beginning to consider what you proposed:

-Security, some kind of police system must have authority.
-Birth control must be in place and fully functional and monitored.
-Basic Education rights needs to be established for free.
-Separation of church and state must be in effect, which will grant the state to do what is needs for the best of all.
-Transparency, you cannot have people saying something while doing something else, to have a working system.
-Basic human rights must be in place, including freedom of speech.

After all these are in place and working, you can start addressing things which cost real money to solve.

"I provide these thing for my animals"
Your animals are under your complete control, you are not dealing with people you never even met.

When you have absolute control of someone, it is much easier to satisfy those conditions since you are the judge jury and executioner, no one questions your authority. At least not the animals for sure.

If you have kids you should understand how harder it is then your animals.
It is even harder when they are not your actual kids and it becomes nearly impossible if they are adults regardless of money.

An example that shows what I am talking about:
If you think that feeding every hungry person is a good thing even if you had unlimited money, you are very mistaken.

Lack of food is what is stopping most 3rd world country's people from having more kids and thus more mounts to feed before they are mature enough to start working for their parents.

So feeding the 3'rd world country's starving population will only make more hungry people, it does not solve the problems but increases them.

What you need is a policy like the empowerment of woman and birth control like china did, which was very successful.
That is a must before even thinking of solving the effects of the problem.

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My think we need to stop

My think we need to stop these idiots from killing each other and us in the process in the name of alah, or some discusting god. If someone wants to die for stupid god belief, that's fine but I don't. Theists are the same, their end game is all the same. When I here a candidate claims any super natural...god ....or whatever it just makes me sick.

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