What are your thoughts on evolution?

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Evolution/natural selection

Evolution/natural selection is the best framework for understanding the results of genetic variation and relative adaptation involving organisms.

Time Machine, kick back and listen to some Iron Maiden.

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Evolution is currently the

Evolution is currently the most plausible scientific answer in which I believe over any make-believe creationism.

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evolution is a fact, a

evolution is a fact, a provable, observable, testable fact.

why would anyone disbelieve it?

it staggers me that people can accept the evolution we all go through at as an embryo but cannot then use this to a larger time scale for all life on earth.

instead, believing an imaginary friend did it all.


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The Catholic view on this

The Catholic view on this subject is that evolution is recognized. The belief that the physical body of humans evolved over time is accepted. Also what most people do not understand is that the Bible was written before science was practiced. How could people write about something that would not be understood by the population?

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That would be one of the

That would be one of the points of a book written by an all powerful deity.

The guy writing it would have no clue what he just wrote. The people reading it at the time would make no sense out of it. But thousands of years later we pick it up and marvel at how accurate he wrote something scientifically when we know there was no possible way he could have known that stuff back then. THAT would be an indication that the writer had "help" from someone or something else.

As it stands, the Bible only has scientific information that they would have known in those days anyways, leading a person to believe that there was no outside help on those subjects.

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@LostLocke No the issue I am

@LostLocke No the issue I am pointing out is that people expect it to read as a scientific textbook. While I understand not all forms of Christianity accept evolution, I am explaining the idea of evolution from a Catholic perspective.

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"What are your thoughts on

"What are your thoughts on evolution?"

I like it.


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