What are your thoughts on evolution?

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Bravo! Where's the beef ?

Bravo! Where's the beef ?

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A slave to earth, freedom to

A slave to earth, freedom to use FREEWILL as you decide to spend your life span in any way you want, but yet you keep blaming GOD for your decisions. Why? Blame yourself for ?????I would guess a few things

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@TIME MAN: "yet you keep

@TIME MAN: "yet you keep blaming GOD for your decisions"

What?! I deny the existence of god, so I certainly don't blame it for my decisions. I blame the IDEA of god for all the stupid, cruel and evil things that religionists have down through the centuries. But I know god had nothing to do with any of that, because it was too busy not existing.

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There has been thousands of assorted Gods worshiped by billions of people over millennium. If you are discussing the God of the Bible his name is Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews and the God of the armies.

So using Yahweh's name and title instead of just the generic God your last sentence would read:

"Your choice, freewill a gift from Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews and the God of the armies and your parents."

So every time you want to refer to the biblical deity if you insert "Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews and the God of the armies" instead of the generic God word we will know exactly which deity you are discussing.

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No No No, You say your god is

No No No, You say your god is all knowing so he knows what I am gonna do before I do it. So no free will for you.

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God knowing by being

God knowing by being Omniscious does not interfere in any way to your decision making thru Freewill. Do you understand, your will is freely exercised? You do what you want now and then, the difference now is you have been informed by me. Now you can not use I did not know, no one ever told me, as an excuse. You are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for ALL of your actions, thoughts, deeds and will be held accountable.

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God is OMNIPOTENT OMNISCIOUS and PERFECTLY BENEVOLENT. He know, but freewill allows you freedom to be as good and as bad as you want to be. Its your choice. But the BIBLE says for us to do His will on Earth. His Will is to find the TRUTH in things, not the FALSE in things. You are supposed to go through life scientifically discriminating, telling the difference between True and False. He requires comparison. You will be punished for eternity by your choice not his, you choose. Take responsibility for your decisions in life.

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What a fucking load of

What a fucking load of bullshit Time Man!
Christianity dictates that EVERYTHING is predetermined and then states that we have free will. That is just fucking stupid. Don't hand me any crap about the "bible".
1) which "bible" are you referring to, and...
2) Prove that your bible is fact and not just a bunch of political crap written by stone age men!
Again PROVE YOUR FUCKING god! Then you need to prove that this god is "OMNIPOTENT OMNISCIOUS and PERFECTLY BENEVOLENT."
I don't have to insult you for you to get mad. All I have to do is say "PROVE IT."
You lose your fucking mind everytime I say it. So now I demand it!
You're the one making claims here so FUCKING PROVE IT!

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What verse of the Bible

What verse of the Bible dictated everything is PREDETERMINED? Someone told you something, you believe it.

You still have not looked up existence, the definition. There are requirements or is it . I am.

That is why you are just a human, and not an INTELLIGENT BEING.

Prove your intelligent, you can not look up one word "Existence"

You are DEVOLVING in Darwin's eyes, and proving it to anyone reading.
If you can evolve you can devolve and you are proof.

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TIME MAN, "What verse of the

TIME MAN, "What verse of the Bible dictated everything is PREDETERMINED?"

There's at least 8 biblical passages that claim everything is predetermined. You can look them up.

1. Jeremiah 10:23

2. Acts 13:48

3. Romans 8:29-30

4. Romans 9:11-22

5. Ephesians 1:4-5

6. 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

7. 2 Timothy 1:9

8. Jude 1:4

Read them at your leisure.

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Apparently the atheist and

Apparently the atheist and scientist Hawking believes from the big bang onward everything is predetermined in a causal nexus. don't you think that his theory and those bible passages have somthing in common then?

Further, some people believe God precipitated the big bang, while atheists insist, on faith, that God didn't, yet Atheists decline to prove their faith, while simultaneously insisting theists prove theirs. Strange.

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OMNISCIOUS: Adjective. Delicious in every way. God is finger-licking good.

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I am a patient guy and I can

I am a patient guy and I can keep explaining, but you have to at least be able to define one specific word at a time . YOU,
are going to help yourself understand Objective reality by yourself. Its not about GOD, its not about ME, its about YOU. You need to take PERSONAL Responsibility for your life. OWN UP and become a

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@Time Man

@Time Man
Who the fuck are you talking to? It's obvious that you can't handle that NO ONE agrees with you. You don't like the fact that people, not just I are asking YOU for REAL fucking evidence.
As for ME, I take personal responsibility every day of my life. You could say it has been a hallmark of my life. I am one of the most responsible people that YOU would ever meet. I am SO responsible that even though I AM AN ATHEIST, a church that I play basketball asked ME to be the director of the activities center. You see they just couldn't find ONE fucking god believer that they could trust with such a responsibility. I am so well respected in my community that I have been asked to run for office so many times that it would make your head spin. Most of my neighbors call ME before they even call the police. When they DO call the police, the officers ask me what ACTUALLY happened.
The only thing I have to own up to is my actions which I ALWAYS do. I own up to mistakes. I have made mistakes on this forum, and as long as I have been on this forum, I am the only one that has admitted a mistake or apologized. Granted most people here haven't a reason to, but that is still the case.
As for YOU, you actually need to reaccess what the hell you are doing and talking about. It has been proven that even with your long OP that you didn't PROVE anything.
You don't NEED to keep "explaining'. Everyone knows what your feeble idea is. The problem is that haven't proved anything. Just saying the same thing over and over isn't proof. Claiming that we don't understand when we obviously do does nothing for your case. Shirking YOUR responsibility to prove your god isn't making you any points either. Taking things personal on an open forum doesn't do you any good as well. Calling someone ignorant and unintelligent with a rant full of wrong words and misspelled words just proves that you are a hypocrite. So check into reality if you really want to have a discussion.

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No shit, man.

No shit, man.

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Have you proven your god is

Have you proven your god is real? Provide some testable evidence for peer review, that your god is real. If your talking about the god of the holy bible, then you must not have read it. The god of the bible is cruel and evil, it committed and commanded murder, told his followers to make sex slaves of young girls, and told his followers were to buy their slave and how to treat them.

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I am growing increasingly

I am growing increasingly suspicious that "Time Man" is either a troll, a sock puppet, and/or someone under a new pseudonym that has frequented these boards in the past.

If so, grats, had me fooled for a while anyways.

Regardless if I am right or not the posting quality from Time Man to me appears to be dropping rapidly.

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Spy's running around

Spy's running around impersonating? My name is Michael Alan Chapman and I live in California. I'm a physicist that can account for time, space and matter. Can you account for them.? Again, name calling. Sock puppet, troll all you do it talk gibberish that other gibberish talkers understand. You suffer a psychological process called Epistemophobia. Try that word out, it is a definition of you. You have proven it in your own writing several times.

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TIME MAN - I'm a physicist

TIME MAN - I'm a physicist

What is the acceleration in the î direction of a particle whose position is (2t^3 + t^2 + 5t +8)ĵ ?

It's a trivial freshman level problem; if you are a physicist you should be able to do this in your sleep.

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I guess the "physicist" isn't

I guess the "physicist" isn't going to answer.

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No surprise there. Probably

No surprise there. Probably found out he could not just "google it."

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bump, since TIME MAN is

bump, since TIME MAN is posting again.

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Fear of knowledge eh? I

Fear of knowledge eh? I suppose you are about to say you also a psychiatrist too on top of being a physicist? That can diagnose people on a few post in an anonymous forum. I sure do not feel I have a fear of knowledge, I welcome it, I enjoy shows like Ted talks, and have read plenty of non fiction simply for the pleasure of learning something new. Also everything you shared so far is nothing new that I have not heard before.

By the way you are the first person I have me to say they are just a physicist. Every employed person in that field I ever met never called them selves just a: "physicist", almost no one gets employed or has a job title as "just" a physicist, if you were one you would know that. There are many fields experimental and theoretical astrophysics, atomic physics, molecular physics, biophysics, chemical physics, medical physics, condensed matter physics, cosmology, geophysics, gravitational physics, material science, microelectronics, nuclear physics, optics, radiophysics, electromagnetic field and microwave, particle physics, and plasma physics and more.

I guess we will just have to take your word for it that you are "just" a physicist. I remain highly skeptical, with good reason.

Conversing on boards and saying the terms: "troll and sock puppet" is gibberish, is a bit like going to a Spanish speaking country and saying they are all talking gibberish because you do not understand them.

By the way, do not think I have not noticed you pivoted away from the conversation we were discussing. I get it though, it is not going well for you. Theist jumping in here thinking they are right and just need to inform atheist the error of their thinking get demolished every time. You guys are arguing imaginary things, where we atheist are firmly grounded in the real world with repeatable, tangible testable evidence that is backed and supported by a mountain of supporting evidence.

I been here a few months and seen this process repeat at least a dozen times, not once have I seen a theist come in here with a good point no one has heard before, that made us all pause and go: "oh maybe he is right and we are wrong" Our standard of evidence and repeatable results, (a standard everyone has, but needs to use on all aspects of life instead of just the parts convenient to them.)

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To ignore is the root of

To ignore is the root of ignorance.

Over and over again, I have nothing to prove to you. You cannot even look up one word to prove yourself. Your life will continue to exist, as is, today, like tomorrow, same thing, different day, until one day it is over. Have fun your way.

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You make the claims about

You make the claims about your god being real. So you have the burden of proof to provide testable evidence that can be peer reviewed. You claim to be a scientist, so you know what peer review is right?

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Time Man CLAIMs that he is a

Time Man CLAIMs that he is a scientist yet he won't provide proof of what he claims. All he does is claim that we (that are demanding proof) are not intelligent. Now, what respectable and credible scientist would do that? I suspect a religious NUTBAG that claims he is a scientist and is in truth probably a teenager posing as something that they are not! He may be a sockpuppet, is definitely are a troll, in any case, anyone that makes outlandish claims and instead of proving those claims resorts to insults is just a troll and should be dealt with accordingly.
Time Man, prove your god is real and stop claiming people far better educated and smarter than you are not intelligent. Be responsible take ownership of your statements, take responsibility for your pathetic life, come clean about who you are.

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He uses sentences like this:

He uses sentences like this: "You cannot even look up one word to prove yourself."

I have no idea of what that really means, therefore I cannot really have a meaningful discussion with him. That really is the end of it.

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You are probably right.

You are probably right.

Is it bad that I like to continue conversations with these people just to see how deep a hole they dig? How desperate they get when faced with reasoning logic and fact that is inconvenient to them?

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I looked up the list of

I looked up the list of Physicist named Michael Alan Chapman and there is only one and he is NOT in California, he is at Georgia Tech.
This guy is a fraud!

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Just to bring this back to

Just to bring this back to evolution for a bit:

Back in 2009 it was 200 years after the birth of Charles Darwin. Many people decided to write books explaining the current understanding of evolution to commemorate the occasion and to bring publicity to all the new evidence and finds evolution scientists have done in recent decades. I read Dawkins the Greatest Show on Earth (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Greatest_Show_on_Earth:_The_Evidence_f...), but there are many other books with a similar review of the state of the science of evolution.

It really is mind boggling how far we have come in just a few decades after my high school. The evidence for evolution is just so multifaceted, overwhelming and all encompassing that we really should drop the word theory and just talk about evolution by natural selection.

To anyone still confused by religion or something else: I highly recommend these books, they offer an exhaustive cavalcade of evidence that just keeps coming on - even after you are convinced the theory is valid.


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