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Religion is NOT science, not in the least. Study of a god is NOT a study of a natural order. Natural law is not god's law.
The Big Bang has been proven.
So, Time Man, you are not only a liar but delusional. You haven't scientifically proven anything.

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I don't have to prove

I don't have to prove anything, you have to prove your existence, I gave you a scientific formulation to do it. Big Bang is Proven? That is why you are just a human, existing. You will always be, until you prove INTELLIGENT existence. Etymology of EXISTENCE requires OBJECTIVE reality, I posses OBJECTIVE reality. TIME, is; Physical measure of SPACE occupied by material MATTER existing in TIME, the continuum. Show me who and where space time and matter are accounted for.? That is the big question, I answered it for people like you. Call me delusional or any other name, it will not change fact and science of NATURAL LAW, GOD LAW.

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Have you applied for your

Have you applied for your Nobel Prize yet?

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It does not surprise me two

It does not surprise me two scientist/philosophers from hundreds of years ago were "god fearing men." I am pretty sure if I was born at that time I would be to. They simply did not have access to the same information people today do. Where people today still believing in god, it is ignorance to current knowledge, when there is an enormous amount of verified information out there that points to no god, (certainly not the ones depicted in major religions that have been around for over 1000 years.)

I have to prove my existence? That is the shortest proper English sentence in the English language: "I am."

Time on the other hand does not exist, its a unit of measure people made up that follows events that occur in intervals. It has already been proven that the faster you go the slower, time, (event measure,) happens to people not traveling at the same speeds as you. Time measurement based of events is relative it is certainly not a physical thing.

GPS satellites orbiting earth must account for time relativity to maintain the accuracy on the GPS function you use on your smart phone.

There is much evidence showing that the theory of big bang is correct, based on observation using equipment that can peer out at the universe. The big bang however, does not prove or disprove the possibility of a greater being.

You stating that: "fact and science of natural law is god's law." You are welcome to your opinion, just know we are all well aware of the fact that you have zero testable evidence to back up your claim. I have tons of evidence that says the bible and the Quran (and any other major religion book I know anything about,) is full of logic flaws, makes no sense or rhyme if you try to "reason it." These books read a lot more like the people of the time of writing, to gain converts then it does: "the word of god," an all powerful all knowing being trying to guide people on how to live.

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Allah fears a man = Hadith

Allah fears a man = Hadith Bukari Book 73 number 224 225 ...God fears no man. The Bible. They are not the same GOD. One is a .god, the god you serve yourself and the other is GOD the Creator of all things, who control everything.. Please study what you are talking about. You have proven you are ignorant of ABRAHAMIC Religion

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I studied enough to learn

I studied enough to learn that it was not worth studying further. If I wanted to appear clever I could use search engines to pull out random quotes and verses from any major religion book or plagiarize other peoples work that put a lot more effort into it then I ever would for a simple reply posting here.

I am well aware that Abrahamic religions state that: their god is the creator of all things and that he is all powerful.

I tried reading your fragmented thought process post, several times and still struggle to figure out what you are trying to say here. What is this in response to? Why are we suddenly comparing Allah to Abrahamic gods? I thought we were talking about evolution?

Perhaps try rewording what you are trying to say for a simple ignorant person like my self can make sense of what you are trying to say here. Explain to me what you are trying to say here like you would explain a child, it sounds like you are supremely confident that you are much more enlightened then I am on all things religion and evolution.

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You do have to prove what you

You do have to prove what you say. All you have done so far is use big words and make unproven claims. You have not proven any god either. Start by giving some testable evidence for peer review.

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@Time Man

@Time Man
What fucking name calling? I don't see anybody calling anybody names.

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I assume he is referring to

I assume he is referring to where I wrote:

"someone that adamantly talks about their faith and defends it, is a brainwashed idiot that hides from the truth when it is convenient to them."

In retrospect I could of softened the language, it does not really serve the conversation to call them idiots, even if I feel everything I said is true. I imagine Time man felt like I was calling him a: "brain washed idiot that hides from truth when it is convenient" because he adamantly talks about and defends his faith.

I get it, a little bit, admitting that the foundation of everything you know, taught by your parents and peers and religious leaders is wrong, and all those people are completely wrong is difficult, it is human nature to pick a side and defend it beyond all reason.

It is even more extreme in religion where they cleverly setup a system that attempts to defeat normal logic, reasoning and scientific conclusions. "god is all powerful," "god must remain hidden, to allow for free will," "god has a plan." "reward is in the afterlife."

Add in that is much more comfortable: that their is a plan for you, a purpose in life, someone telling you what to do, and that their is heaven, makes it all a very compelling siren's song.

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Not to me directly but to

Not to me directly but to Christians and religious people in general. Just look at the comments, idiot, moron, brainwashed etc. Why is it fucking name calling instead of name calling. The answer is Vurgaris Aerea, you are it.

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I should not have used the

I should not have used the word idiot, when expressing my opinion about a group of people, score your self a point in the win column if that is important to you.

Just know you are no where close to "winning" atheist here over to your side with the arguments you have presented so far. For most of us regular atheist, it is: we seen this before, we considered it, we were easily able to realize the flaws in the argument, we point them out to the theist making the claim. And then a new theist comes here thinking they possess some profound new knowledge us atheist just do not know about or properly considered, and the theist will save the atheist so they can now see the "light" and give them selves a congratulatory self pat on the shoulder for spreading their "wisdom," and so the cycle repeats.

Really we speak two different languages, atheist tend to speak in sound reasoning,logic, and scientific theory, theist tend to speak in pretty words, enticing ideas and faith. The theist leaders have organized religion to stay away from facts and sound reasoning/logic as much as possible because they get utterly crushed there, especially in these modern times with so much information and ideas available instantly at our fingertips with the advent of the internet.

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Religion is theology (trying

Religion is theology (trying to make sense out of nonsense).
Science is naturalism (understanding the world as we know it).

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This is interesting. Calling

This is interesting. Calling somone stupid doesn't advance knowledge. It doesn't help them think deeper and more clearly.

I believe you, mykcob4, exist, but I can't prove it. does that mean my degrees should be vacated? I believe you exist because of your creation, namely, your post. But your post could be computer generated, and mykcob4, could simply be an automaton. How could I prove otherwise? Even so, I have faith there is a mind behind the creation of your post.

Similarily, some ancient people, upon observing and thinking about the universe decided it was a creation, and that implied a creator. They formed a faith in a creator, just like a faith that a person, an intellegent designer, wrote your post.

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My thoughts are, "ok cool".

My thoughts are, "ok cool". Let's go get something to eat.

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Eating, a cornerstone of

Eating, a cornerstone of evolution :)

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We all come from one genetic

We all come from one genetic continuum, like TIME. Race is non existent in science. Race is a political abstract construct proven in science by J Horton of GWU. There is no classification for it under Genus or Species and Genetics has confirmed. Evolution is NATURAL LAW, GOD's LAW. Modern science after Newton died morphed and hi jacked true science and gave us todays result with BILLION and BILLION of RELATIVITY people. Anything goes. Your freewill, your choice. That is why you have to prove you are intelligent, just don't tell me you are, prove it to yourself. Or just exist till death. Then see what happens. It's like VEGAS your way, roll the dice. You do not understand the gift you posses, the power, the possibility, of a freewill contained in the human psyche'. Buddha was right when he recognized the gift of human form and the thought it brings. He was right about other things too, like he is not the only source of wisdom, nor I.

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That reminds me of something

That reminds me of something another philosopher and wrote long ago.

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe

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@Time Man

@Time Man
PROVE your fucking god. Don't just say that a law that has been proven by science is "god's law." That is intellectually dishonest.
If you actually have a degree it should be vacated because you are not responsible or honest.

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Science isn't about if God

Science isn't about if God exists or not. Science is about how the universe works. Just because science figures out how something works, does not prove that thing, in this case, the universe, was not created.

For example, supposing we have an individual who wants to know how a particulare car works. So he takes it apart piece by piece and determines the function of each piece. Now he knows how it works. does that prove the car was not the creation of engineers (ie intellegent designers)? Intellegent designers often invent new things, and even though you didn't see them do it, it isn't wrong to believe they did.

You have no evidence there is no creator of the universe. Some people think that's like believeing a car invented itself. How rediculous is that? Yet you believe what you believe.

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Prove your intelligent first.

Prove your intelligent first. Lots of names, fewer facts. To ignore is the root of ignorance. Your choice, freewill a gift from GOD and your parents.

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@ Time Man

@ Time Man
Prove that I am intelligent? What a crock. A clear case of avoiding YOUR responsibility to PROVE what you claim.
I didn't make up a god so the burden of proof is not upon me. You believe in a god and propose that it is a fact that your god exists. You must prove that your god exists. The burden of proof is on you. No one called you a name so get over it already!

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Reason and logic are required

Reason and logic are required to be intelligent. If you can not look up one word "EXISTENCE" read and understand the definition and what is required of you to prove it I can not help you. You are hopeless. It is not my responsibility for you to think property. It is your responsibility to think properly. Your a human, with rights and freewill in America. Some would say you got it made. Just exist as is.
You will not become a human being. BEINGS exist intelligently.

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@TIME MAN: "You are hopeless.

@TIME MAN: "You are hopeless."

Tut tut. Name calling. Save your bombastic, hectoring rhetoric for the pulpit. You're talking to thinkers here.

"Your a human, with rights and freewill in America."

No. We're everywhere with rights and free will.

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@Time Man, you said, "It is

@Time Man, you said, "It is not my responsibility for you to think property."
Why should I think "property."?
You also said "Your a human,"
What the hell does that mean? Do you mean You're a human?
You don't seem very intelligent. Maybe YOU should prove that YOU are intelligent first!
You also said, "Your a human, with rights and freewill in America. Some would say you got it made. Just exist as is. You will not become a human being. BEINGS exist intelligently."
That is one of the dumbest rants I have ever read.
Putting your attacks aside, you need to prove your god not just make a wild assumption. I know the definition of existence. The fact is that you took statements made about christianity personal. Those statements were made on an atheist forum. Geesh, what's next? Are you going to a satanic website and complain because the worship a devil? For cryin' out loud, get a fucking grip.
Your premise is that things exist and are in motion. You state that something or someone had to put those things in motion, but instead of being responsible and PROVING what that something or something is, you make a claim that it is your fucking god. That isn't science, that isn't proof, that isn't even honest or responsible.
I have experience in critical thinking. It is obvious that you either don't have such experience or are purposely ignoring it.
The fact is to believe in any god, you have to make a huge unsubstantiated assumption. You can't connect the dots. You can't prove your god, so you go off on wild logic circle reasoning and claim that that is fact. A fact that never actually materializes.

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Hah, loved this post.

Hah, loved this post.

"The fact is that you took statements made about christianity personal. Those statements were made on an atheist forum. Geesh, what's next? Are you going to a satanic website and complain because the worship a devil? For cryin' out loud, get a fucking grip."

Pure gold.

And I of course strongly agree with the rest of it. Especially your final paragraph.

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@TIME MAN "freewill a gift

@TIME MAN "freewill a gift from GOD and your parents"

That's illogical. If free will has to be given, it isn't free will. The giver can withhold it or take it away. Or in the case of your god, the giver can torture me through eternity for not using my free will according to god's will. It's Orwellian really. Freedom is slavery.

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Freewill and life are the

Freewill and life are the most precious items you will ever have.
Freewill can be given and taken.

You have that much power. You control your life, can create life, take life and you have power to affect others as well. The power a single individual human possess is beyond ANYTHING you can imagine because you are unaware of the expansion capabilities of human consciousnesses. APOSENTIENT PSYCHE is what you are striving for. That is the goal. Everything from there follows naturally.

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@TIME MAN "you are unaware of

@TIME MAN "you are unaware of the expansion capabilities of human consciousnesses"

What now? Lobsang Rampa or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

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I can imagine plenty of

I can imagine plenty of things far more powerful then any individual human possess.

The sun could decide to do a tiny burp, (in relation to its size and time span,) in the direction of earth at any given time and send the part of the earth facing it at the time back to the stone age technologically, or worse. A distant star 1000's of years before Christ or any of the events in any religious book could of shot out some gamma rays in the direction of earth, wiping out all life on the planet no matter how "expanded" human conscious ever gets.

I know, even before you say it, "well god is in control and would not let that happen unless he planned it" or some variation of that.

Hah, I googled APOSENTIENT PSYCHE and got exactly nothing. Not even a suggested spelling. I am impressed your idea is either so original you just made that word up on the spot, or you butchered the spelling so badly that google could not help you, nor me trying different spellings of it.

Exactly who am I talking to here? A kid? Perhaps you have a substance abuse problem? Your post are getting increasingly incoherent.

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APOSENTIENT PSYCHE is a word you made up. Humans do have control over their life and influence others lives. Humans created the gods they worship and created religion to control other humans. You talk big and accuse others of not being intelligent. You claim your god is real, give some testable evidence for peer review.


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