What Commercialisation of Cannabis is doing to Society

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What Commercialisation of Cannabis is doing to Society

A TED ralk:


This is quite an eye-opener!

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I have seen this one before,

I have seen this one before, to me the guy is basically saying, just like just about any other industry in the US, the forces of capitalism move in, and wipe out the mom and pop stores, and use especially THC and sell it as a for profit drug, with little regard for the health and safety and wellbeing of the people they sell it to, so long as the the rich owners get richer.

Legalization has lead to another industry much like the tobacco and alcohol and junk food industries. Where a few big players at the top make all the money for their shareholders and rich owners/ceos.

Unfortunately I think the ability to stop this process has passed, that ship has sailed. I also still think that legalization is better than the previous alternative.

It is disheartening to hear that marijuana arrest and suspensions have gone up for minorities instead of down. The same old story of the rich get richer, while the vulnerable end up worse off being played out now in the whole new industry of legal marijuana sales.



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I am grateful for the

I am grateful for the commercialization of cannabis. I plan on semi-retirement in 3 years and a resumption of cannabis intake. These young entrepreneurs have been working on weed horticulure with space age technologies and a passion that it is a cure for cancer! I will be quite happy with their evolution of the weed from Panama Red to Strawberry Cough!

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I live in Michigan where

I live in Michigan where legalization is on the ballot this year. I expect it will pass.

I'm brushing up on my horticulture studies now.

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Doesn't affect me at all. I

Doesn't affect me at all. I neither smoke nor drink and have no intention of doing either one. Now, with that said, it might be nice to bake up a bunch of brownies once a year or so just to remind me why I don't like pot. That's about the same rate that I ever catch a buzz from drinking too much. Just not a big fan of "Let's get drunk or high and party." Now the day the government makes the sale of magic mushrooms legal, I hate to admit it but I am going to be first in line. Psilocybin - the greatest drug on the planet. Still it would only be once a year - okay perhaps twice. I like this one.

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I have never smoked marijuana

I have never smoked marijuana, nor have I ever smoked at all. The smell of weed actually makes me nauseated, and I have watched cigarettes play a major role in killing many friends and family. Have never tried any type of drug, as a matter of fact. Just never was my thing. I do drink from time to time, but I honestly do not like getting very drunk. Yes, it does happen, but I limit it considerably. I simply do not like the feeling of being out of control of my own mind/body. That being said, I do think it is a ridiculous hypocrisy that alcohol and cigarettes are legal, while marijuana is still mostly illegal. Even though I cannot stand to be around it, I definitely understand there are beneficial medical uses for marijuana, and I do consider it FAR less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes in many ways. During my years on patrol, I dealt with thousands of drunks, and about an equal number of people high on marijuana. And as I have told people many times over the years, I would MUCH RATHER confront somebody smoking weed as opposed to confronting somebody who was drunk. I do not recall ever having to fight anybody who was smoking marijuana. On the other hand, I could not even begin to remember how many drunks I have had to fight over the years. Always hated dealing with drunks. They are just way too unpredictable.

Aside from the religious reasons here in the Bible Belt area, I have my own personal theory as to why the legalization of marijuana is so adamantly resisted by the government across the nation. Because of the fact it can be easily grown by any individual, if it were to be legalized, the government would have a helluva time collecting their precious taxes on it. As it is right now, they make more money putting people in jail for it (court costs, fines, etc.) than they do if they were to legalize it. It would simply be too easy for people to grow their own product that the government would have no real way of regulating, and would therefore not make much of a profit from it. Like I said, just a personal theory.

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Agree 100%. It's the same

Agree 100%. It's the same reason we have a "War on Drugs." There is no reason to make any drug illegal. Give the addicts their drugs and allow companies to drug test employees. If you are under the influence, you lose your job. Natural and logical consequences are much better than the arbitrary crap the government institutes. I have been a counselor and teacher my whole life. If I showed up to work once under the influence or even smelling like a drug, my career would be over. Frankly speaking, I think that is completely fair. If I owned a company and you came to work drunk, you would find your ass on the sidewalk faster than you could strike a match, open a bottle or uncap a tube of white out. We don't need laws. We just need sanity. What the government is doing is insane and if is was not for the money they get for running programs, and keeping prisons occupied, there would be no war on drugs. There would only be good people trying to hang onto good jobs.

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I am not for it, it smells

I am not for it, it smells vile and makes people sound like idiots.

But also I believe in peoples rights to do as they please, so I wouldn't mind it becoming legal.

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@ "I am not for it, it smells

@ "I am not for it, it smells vile and makes people sound like idiots."
People sound like idiots anyway. Pot just gives them another excuse to avoid responsibility. Getting stoned is like the religion for people without a religion.

I remember being high once when I was young and in High School. I was really getting into my thoughts as I sat around with a bunch of surfer dudes after ditching school and heading for the waves. Somewhere music was playing and I was all thick and heavy in the vibration zone. The thought came to me, "Wow, look at how amazing all the stuff you are thinking about is." And the thought that followed. "If you do this all the time you will be as smart as the rest of the people in this room." I couldn't stop laughing after that. They were all idiots like me and would be lucky as hell to pass their classes. Not one of us cared about learning a damn thing. I pretty much stopped playing with drugs by the time I left home at 16. About the time that I learned, "If you do not give a damn about yourself, no one else is going to give a damn about you."

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I am a Canadian and face

I am a Canadian and face decriminalization of pot on Oct 17th.

Let us talk about alternative consequences. In Canada, it is about to be legalized for two reasons. That is to get it out of the hands of minors, and to get it out of the hands of organized crime. No, this measure will not save the world, but it will drastically reduce the cash flow of organized crime, and make it much harder for minors to get their hands on weed.

But for me, I worked for two years in a greenhouse and have horticultural skills.

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