what do u think of the movie "god is not dead" [ and ilk]?

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what do u think of the movie "god is not dead" [ and ilk]?

Personally, I don't like the idea of people shoving ideologies down people's throats, but I think Kevin Sorbo did a great job carrying this movie (Dean Cane did a good job playing a dick). I think movies like Sunset Limited, Lions for Lambs and the Laramie project do a better job addressing these issues

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Droning Christian propaganda.

Droning Christian propaganda. Pure and simple. An atheist teaching at a public school, oh the humanity.

"Non-believers are out to get us, and atheists get what's coming to them in the end." Is all that movie has... They even kill off the atheist character so theist zealots can cheer in their chairs. Lovely.

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