What do you think about the times when non-christians suffered from christians?

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What do you think about the times when non-christians suffered from christians?

Several centuries ago, during the time when Christianity just started to scatter all over the world, non followers of Christianity were treated as out-casts and given the punishment of death if they will not put their back from pagan's beliefs. What are your thoughts about it? Was it fair for pagan to be treated that way? It seems to be normal to Christians to do such cruel act because they believe that they will be save and that God will love it. How insane idea was it?

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I didn't know that. If that

I didn't know that. If that is true, then I think those Christians were very harsh. They should have respected the pagans. It is never right to force your beliefs on someone else.

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The irreligious are still

The irreligious are still persecuted to this day. Psychological surveys have found that atheists are less trusted than rapists. We are also less likely to be voted into office than any other minority. Both of these studies relavent to America. Granted we are not being slaughtered any more, but there is room to grow in civil liberties and acceptance.

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this kind of things has

this kind of things has happened all through major religions, the inquisition aim to "fight against heretics", they torture and kill people just like muslims do with the infidels.

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Whos insane idea was this?...

You should ask yourself how many sane things has the church done. I think there are more insane and disturbing acts in the history of religion than there are positive ones. Most religious beliefs are forced upon people and turned into doctrines. And this creates brain dead fanatics and oportunistic individuals that want to profit from everything.

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Until now pagans still

Until now pagans still suffering from being judged by religious people who really can't understand the meaning of love and goodness. Religious people are always proclaiming their faith as well as the mercy of their god but they do things that are not good. Hypocrisy is a trademark of religions for me.

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I think the threat of

I think the threat of violence is the worst way for anyone to try to win someone over for their religion. If I lived back then, I would've just claimed to believe in a god. Who's going to punish me? :P I'd rather live as a "Christian" in those times in public so I could live. It's sad that people have to mask their true beliefs, especially in this day and age.

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The Crusades, the Inquisition

The Crusades, the Inquisition, and the pillaging of so many "barbaric" cultures by Christians is sickening. There's a long line of it, and it's not that distant in the past. In America, slavery was justified by Christians as the natural order, and the way their god would have wanted it. That was less than 150 years ago!

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