What gains for losses have you gotten from people in this forum?

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What gains for losses have you gotten from people in this forum?

See above question. I learn stuff from Pragmatic, but everyone else I regularly debare with seems butthurt about something (except maybe travis)

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Well, I pretty much just got

Well, I pretty much just got here but I'll give you my take so far.
I've picked up a few things worth considering and I've shared a few insights with others that they seem to appreciate. I'm slowly realizing who is and who isn't worth engaging with.There's a learning curve to participating in any "community" whether it's in person or virtual. This is typical of every forum I've ever been part of so it's nothing I didn't expect. I'm thick skinned so it's easy for me to disregard the clowns.

Judging from the amount of views it appears there are a lot of people viewing that are not participating. I know that everyone has an opinion and I, personally, would like to hear as many opinions on a given subject as possible. All information is good information.

That said, so far, it's a net gain for me.

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A big negative for me has

A big negative for me has been the psting of large tracts of religious text all over the site. I've no objection to limited quotes provided they are part of a discussion, but it's nauseating that people quote the koran at length, since it's a bloody book endorsing mutilation, child rape and murder. Their prophet was a child rapist. This kind of filth should be banned.

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