What is God??

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"What is God?" - For me, the

"What is God?" - For me, the answer to that question is "Nothing because I don't believe there are any gods/deities". It really is as simple as "I don't believe in god therefore he doesn't exist for me".

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I will always perform as you

I will always perform as you expect and as my Lord expect. And my Lord is above all. As long as I perform according to Lord expectation im Ok with it. And I was gonna leave too because pictures were posted which really hurt me and my beliefs. I though Atheist were better people than those people of religion who are against my religion. But Im dissappointed. The way I and my religion was disrespected I have no other option but to leave. I still pray that someday those who disrespected and made fun of my religion will realize all I wanted was to share the good with them.

As humans we are still one. But I still wont disrespect you for your beliefs. Take care

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Are you seriously saying the pictures I posted hurt your feelings and disrespected your beliefs?

If so, I apologize.

But I don't understand...
What was so horribly disrespectful about them? You were talking about the Buraq, and those pictures are supposed to portray it, or is that not correct?

I have seen several comments directed at you that I would have thought would have been considered much more offensive and disrespectful then my posts with the images.

Oops, is it the last one isn't it? It had a picture of Muhammed? Sorry, I didn't even think about it. I'm removing it...

...there, I have now erased the prophet from the image.

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Did The Pragmatic just get

Did The Pragmatic just get this guy to leave by posting a few pictures of the Buraq? If we had only known this weeks ago!

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Attach Image/Video?: 

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Hello, Kash. Just arrived

Hello, Kash. Just arrived here minutes ago and this is my first post. I will try to introduce myself by offering my opinion to your question, but I am not going to watch your videos. I don't believe in "True" stories, and could not care less about debating the pseudo-logic of whatever True story you are selling.

"across most countries the current law & order systems are based on Biblical or Quranic recommendations"
I'm not sure that this is factually correct, but I will let it slide.

"in an imaginary Atheist state what would you replace it with? since you "suspect" its all man made"
I suggest, Kash, that there is no credible disagreement that these books were written by men. As to why you choose to believe the hands of those men were moved by a supernatural deity character, instead of by their own volition, is an open question. If I had to guess, and I do, I would say that your fears of uncertainty as a child drove you to hide inside a True story that promised to protect you from those fears in exchange for your obedience. This mental illness forces you to shut out any evidence that contradicts your True story, and it forces you to freeze your solution process, lest it produces answers that contradict your right answer. Doubt has been labeled the road to hell, and of course, those who doubt...

“Even to express doubts about this doctrine, al-Wahhab said, should occasion execution.”

None of this happened accidentally, Kash. They did this to you on purpose, and then sent you out to propagate this mental illness, which brought you here. The good news is, it looks like you came to the right place for the cure, brother. You got played. Grow some Hero balls. Every movement requires a passage through uncertainty.

"how is it that you haven't been able to replace it with something better??"
Because theism is a viciously propagated mental illness used to trap the people in a "True" story the Godmouths control, and every time we try to free the people, they kill us in a number of imaginatively horrific ways..

"why at this moment in time you arent able to create a scripture to outdate the previous teachings??"
This is what I mean about your True story blinding you to anything that challenges it. My favorite is the Tao Te Ching, which actually predates your scriptures. "The word that can be spoken is not the True word." Lao Tzu could have stopped right there. Nough said.

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What is God??

What is God??

Everything that science hasn't come up with an explanation for.

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Exactly: not much and

Exactly: not much and shrinking by the day.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson said it

Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best:
"god is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance"

In context:

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Yes, thanks to science we

Yes, thanks to science we understand God's creation more than ever before.

About the "ever receding pocket" I would say the pocket is only getting bigger.

Aristotle and Albert Einstein said it best: “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”

We still don't understand basic things like, what is light, Is it particle and a wave?

What is Gravity? Time? Life? Conscience?

Yes, we can describe them and we use their properties and behavior to determine laws that govern the universe, but we really don't know and the theories that try to explain them are only understand by a small group of people.

"Know thyself"


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@Jamal: Not everybody wants

@Jamal: Not everybody wants you to "share the good with them" as you put it. When it comes to my lack of religion, that is nobody elses business but mine and I don't appreciate others trying to change my view/opinions.


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