What has made the United States "great"

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What has made the United States "great"

What has made the United States "great"

The greatness of the US isn't due to what it has to work with, but instead what it represents. It is "the land of dreams". Where success can be made.
I wish to give some points about immigrants here and immigration in general. The people who come into the US aren't your average people. The strict rule follower, those happy with their lot. It is the dreamers, those with ideas and a striving need to reach at them. The States is where this dice roll is most likely to be pushed in a positive way.
All citizen fucking love their countries, everywhere. They love their families, communities and their way of life. Most have the addition of being 'ok' with their lot/place in which they fit. Within that mindset your neighbors often are your enemies, the States is a movie, or TV show, with their xenophobia and prejudices added.
More than likely the US has injured their country and people, even family.
The US doesn't exist anymore than "a galaxy far, far away" in the usual isolationist attitude most carry around.
Now the rare few. Those thinkers, provers, again dreamers willing to leave the country they love, their family and way of life, even very often their language, hat in hand, move towards the States as a possible answer to their forward thought. These Humans come in with some amount of financial stability, higher education, all these boxes need to be triple checked to come in above the board. These, again legal processes are extremely stringent, very drawn out and expensive.
Those in the "Caravan of Doom" are in a slightly different category. These are refugees. These are people whose lives and the lives of their families are under threat. Immediate threat.
The "war" they are fleeing is a war we've, the US citizens, made. That we funded and fund. That we implemented and maintain.
So terrible are their lives of these Humans, they are willing to leave all behind, a bag is all most have, escape the country they love. Then under threat, they cross the Mexican Southern Border. The way far too many people feel about basically everyone living to the south of the US/Mexico Border is the way the Mexican people feel about those to their south.
Cross through profound animosity, distance and those who pray on those in need, just to get to the United States border. Simply to get somewhere where they have a chance to survive. Not to seal jobs or virgins, to fucking breathe a few more times.
Those south of "our" borders aren't little, insignificant people. Our policy of "so long as they aren't commies alls fine" is what wrought the situation they are fleeing.
Those coming north aren't to be feared nor loathed, only pitied in a compassionate way for their struggle. They need help and need to be helped and we have the ability to help them and others. Had we helped earlier in the stabilization of these and basically all countries, they wouldn't be coming north.
These are scared, threatened people, only seeking safety.
They aren't coming for our jobs, to be on welfare, to take. They are only wanting safety. Once safe they can build their lives. Work in the shit jobs we would never do unless post prison. Pay taxes. Rent. Pay towards education for English if needed, then a trade they can do. These are not slum dwellers, murders, rapists, uneducated, these are the middle class made poor by their countries situation. People simply seeking refuge, refugees of our wars happening just to the south. East. West. Sorry one problem at a time.
Try and be a little more Human and a little less a chimp.

Good luck out there

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Luck and the ability to kill

Luck and the ability to kill off the early American population without batting an eye. After all they were not human. Manifest Destiny: held that the United States was destined—by God, its advocates believed—to expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent. Manifest Destiny, a phrase coined in 1845, expressed the philosophy that drove 19th-century U.S. territorial expansion.

This is probably the reason most Christians confuse the Religion in America with the Government in America.

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In 2007 a study was published

In 2007 a study was published which ranked 121 nations on an international scale according to degree of peace and security.

This index takes into account such factors as homicide rates, levels of violent crime, levels of disrespect for human rights, likelihood of violent demonstrations, political instability, levels of distrust among citizens, etc.

According to this index Denmark ranks third, as being the most peaceful society in the world, Sweden seventh and Norway first.

These are three of the most secular countries on earth, where the majority of citizens identify as atheists.

The United States ranked 96th.

Define "great"...

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Funny, I can't think of 95

Funny, I can't think of 95 other countries I'd rather live in. But perhaps you can.

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I don't know if it is 95 of

I don't know if it is 95 of them, but there are a lot of places I'd rather live than the shit hole of the Earth. My two favorite choices are Australia and New Zealand. Paraguay would be a nice place. So would Patagonia. Ireland. Scotland. Britain. Norway. Sweden. Denmark. Canada. Greenland. Iceland. Uruguay. Okinawa. Tahiti. Fiji. Sri Lanka. Madagascar.

That is just a start.


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The "shit hole" of the earth.

The "shit hole" of the earth. Really? That's an objective analysis.

Think I'll stay just the same.

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NewSkeptic "The "shit hole"

NewSkeptic "The "shit hole" of the earth. Really? That's an objective analysis."

Nope. Completely subjective. Mainly due to the Religious Absolutist nut jobs having so much power in this country. And the sorry ass retards for giving them that power. Completely ruins what this country was truly meant to be. They are the ones who make it a shit hole of the Earth.

I shall always be a firm believer that if religion was completely annihilated, or at least knocked down to less that 5% of the population, then, and only then, can the human species ascend to what it is truly meant to ascend to. However, it is a vision I shall never see. Bummer.


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USA is a GREAT place to live if you are a rich white male. (If your household makes over 60k -varies upon where you live in US- a year, you are rich!)

It is an okay place to live if you have at least 2 of the 3 criteria I mentioned above, meh if you have only one. And it is pretty terrible (very deserving of it's 96th rank) if you meet none of the above criteria.

Having the time, education and resources to post here on these forums indicates you are likely in/from a household that is not poor. Your profile states you are male. And I think there is a very good chance you are white. 3 for 3. So yeah I do not blame you if you think US is great. It is pretty great for you. Not so much for many others.

US crime rates tends to be among the worst among "first world" nations, average life spans are among the worse, gun violence is the highest among all first world countries, incarceration rates are highest among first world countries, (and we still have a terrible violence/crime problem!) drug use/drug overdoses all very high. Very expensive health care while at the same time being one of the worst performing on overall health outcomes, very expensive schooling, while still being among the worse k-12 education among first world countries etc.

It is fair to say, the US is not great. And most certainly the trump administrations "make america great again" is grossly misguided and by every indication so far, has only made things worse for the majority of americans, (but quite a bit better for the extremely rich!)

Now that the US markets are in full blown correction territory now, (down more than 10 percent from highs back in October!) It should be increasingly obvious to the those that think the trump administration will make everything "great" again, that things are not great, even from a money standpoint. If the markets stay in correction territory or worsen to full blown recession, it will only be a matter of time before unemployment goes up, and most certainly wage growth for the lower paying jobs will completely disappear and likely reverse.



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I suppose it depends what you

I suppose it depends what you value most, I was simply making the point that great is a subjective term, and I was asking how it was being applied in the OP. The criteria set in that research is an objective standard, but it doesn't apply to every aspect of why one would choose to live in a country of course.

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Sheldon wrote: "The United

Sheldon wrote: "The United States ranked 96th."

@ Sheldon

You sure that is correct? I did not think the USA ranked that high. I was thinking around 150th. Someone must have skewed the data about the USA...


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The same thing that killed

The same thing that killed off all the Indians, overblown egos, manifest destiny, and the willingness to eliminate an entire civilization. We just got there before TV, Newspapers, and Cell Phones with cameras could hold us accountable.

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And Hollywood helped too.

And Hollywood helped too.

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The United States is great by

The United States is great by default. The rest of the world is just good for vacationing.

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Breezy acts human and makes a

Breezy acts human and makes a funny!!! :-) (There is hope!)

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@John Re: "The United

@John Re: "The United States is great by default. The rest of the world is just good for vacationing."

*chuckle*.... *fist bump*...

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One of the best monologues

One of the best monologues ever... Great show too, by the way, if you ever get a chance to watch it.


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I'd like to suggest that the

I'd like to suggest that the "Great" in America came from Great Britain. You got the language, which is worth a lot on its own, as well as centuries of culture from Beowulf to the Beatles. You also inherited the Brits' healthy disrespect for authority, our refusal to surrender however daunting the odds, and our certainty (not just confidence or belief) that we are always right and superior to everyone else.

On the negative side, I'm afraid Britain also used America as a toxic waste dump for its puritans. You would have done better with the convicts we sent to Australia.

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Algebe: "On the negative side

Algebe: "On the negative side, I'm afraid Britain also used America as a toxic waste dump for its puritans. You would have done better with the convicts we sent to Australia."

O! how true. It was the dumping of puritans that poisoned America. Still poisoning America. Just another reason that makes it the shit hole of the Earth. Now we have the "puritans" of Islam invading. We need more Christopher Hitchenses and Richard Dawkinses to invade...

If only there was another country we could dump our puritans (Ken Hamses and William Lane Craigs and etc.) to...


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Another avatar of the

Another avatar of the greatness of the USA... A judge just ruled that an attempt at universal BASIC health care is unconstitutional. I don't know how the culture of America is but from the point of view of an European, whose country is only goof for vacating, I find that abhorrent.

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Yet, someone disagreed with

Yet, someone disagreed with my statement of the USA being the shit hole of the Earth. Had to have been a theist. ***looking back to peek***

Yep. Ole Breezy. Ever know why he calls himself Breezy? Because he hears the wind whistle as it breezes through an empty skull.


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But his empty skull is very

But his empty skull is very efficient at sputing verbiage that would pass for something wise if we didn't know better.

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Yep. Might even get a

Yep. Might even get a masterpiece orchestral maneuver...


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Saying the rest of the world

Saying the rest of the world is just good for vacations is disrespecting the entire human population minus the one of the USA, in addition of passing as very arrogant and narcissic. For the "greatness" of the USA, can i add the impostion of the dollar as de facto currency for international exchange?


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And ain't that the god damn

And ain't that the god damn truth. Especially for the Religious Absolutists who have never been out of the USA.



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