What if science proved God's existence

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What if science proved God's existence

I'll answer the obvious 'yawn' question which is of course if science proved God's existence I'm sure we'd all believe in God after that point.

My question is one of ethics, if some scientist discovered irrefutable evidence of God would it be ethical or even wise to let the world know they had? We already have a world divided both physically and spiritually by religious opinion without a shred of knowledge proving the existence of God. If we proved God without the context of which religion (if any) was right the world would surely tear itself apart wouldn't it?

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I think they should surely

I think they should surely release the evidence in the spirit of science. I think the debate would just move up one level, depending on what the evidence was. Christians, Muslims, etc would just say of course they were right, atheists would be theists but us new theists would still not ascribe to a specific religion because we would need additional evidence to determine which religion got god right. Is it the Christian god, the Muslim god, etc? So the debate would move up one level and center around which religion was correct, not whether or not god existed.

As for what aspects of society would change, Christians in the US would try to push their propaganda and us new theists would argue that we can't be sure it's their god so why should new theistic policies necessarily be from the Christian religion.

Just my thoughts.

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