What if there is demonstrable evidence that a god does not exist?

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What if there is demonstrable evidence that a god does not exist?

What if there is demonstrable evidence that a god does not exist, what will the devout or general theist do then?

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I guess they would have to

I guess they would have to simply keep on living and learn how to be good and care for others not just because some god obligated them to do it in order to be saved.

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I think the answer is very

I think the answer is very simple. They would just have to goo on living like trevor said, but they would also probably suffer from a wide range of emotions of emptiness and some kind of abandonment to name a few.

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Hardcore theist will probably

Hardcore theist will probably seek another evidence to prove that there is god and contradict the evidences of atheist. I agree that some theist will fell lonely and might lost their sense of direction knowing that there is no god that watches over them while some will also become atheists.

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I believe that on that day I

I believe that on that day I will finally be accepted by my family. Ever since I came out as an atheist to them when I was 7 years old they have done nothing but force the bible and it's words down my throat.

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People have managed to

People have managed to believe in spite of pretty earth shattering evidence that the bulk of their beliefs are false. Remember in the 1300's when admitting that the Earth was round was a big deal?

They get over whatever proof you throw at them.

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No matter how hard you try to

No matter how hard you try to prove it that God does not exit,a theist will always give you another evidence that God does exit.

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we are solely dependent on

we are solely dependent on the historical, geographical and the narrations of our ancestors transmitted to us. None has produced or demonstrated new. The entire existence of our human is based on the faith and logic. The logic end where faith dominates and the faith generates from our heart which rules our existence. The discussion on the existence of God is a pass-time subject which never convinces or satisfies the human. It is better always to perform your duties which may good for some and bad for a few. Stand for the best one may undertake for the humanity and civil society to remain together. Adaptability and adjustability is fundamental rule of the peaceful existence which should not be tinkled.

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Considering that faith is

Considering that faith is preservation of belief in the face of contrary evidence, regardless of how overwhelming that evidence may be, I think many religious people would remain religious. Some would, of course, stop believing in God, but I think that many more atheists would believe in God having been shown definite 100% evidence for him (hypothetically, of course - in reality that is impossible) than theists would stop believing in God having been shown 100% evidence against him.

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That's a really generous

That's a really generous statement to make for atheists :) I don't know if that's 100% true, but it's certainly a nice gesture!

Not to stomp all over the hypothetical nature of this question, but what exactly would be considered demonstrable evidence that God does *not* exist? I just can't see a circumstance that would actually prove his absence once and for all... meaning that I can see the variety of excuses that theists would pull out of their hats to explain exactly why God did not show up at a certain time or event that would prove his existence (maybe he was running late, he excused himself to the toilet, he's shy, we don't deserve him, etc) that would allow them to still hang on to their faith no matter what.

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i would like to see that,

i would like to see that, demostrable evidence that indeed can be proven and supportable... not just unverifiable words with disputable facts.

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I am with James here, I

I am with James here, I honestly think though if one were to show such evidence to the right theist minded folk, one may run the chance of being called the devil and possibly even getting killed in the name of God!

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If that happens, will you

If that happens, will you immediately announce that you believe in god and deny being once an atheist?

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... I think you missed that.

... I think you missed that.

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Don't know why I would do

Don't know why I would do that if it were proven either way. but honestly if undeniable proof was demonstrated to the effect proving god not to exist no I would not, which would be the case if you were following the order of the threads as laid out here, but also if undeniable proof were to be demonstrated to the effect proving one of the many versions of Gods existence, I would still not deny being once an atheist.

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I would never deny being an

I would never deny being an atheist, because that would be a lie. I don't think lying is a good thing, and it's entirely unnecessary anyway. God would know the truth, and not only that he'd be very angry that anyone would dare try to fool him.

Besides, God says there's more value in one sinner saved than all the saints. As a former atheist, I'm a hot commodity!

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The general theist may accept

The general theist may accept this evidence. The devout may simply reject it as the devil's swill.

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I agree, but to get more

I agree, but to get more technical and take this further, I would say that if the opposite were to occur and undeniable evidence were to appear proving the existence of a god, the devout would have likely more doubt than the atheist as atheist would finally have proof required to make them believe and cease to be atheist. Unless this evidence this evidence were to prove by some miracle the existence of the exact god somehow all the varying devout groups actually believed in, I am sure would this would be impossible to match all the varying devout groups, the result would be a whole new group of religious non believers. Hopefully such a god could set the record straight as such evidence proving the existence of a god would probably trigger a war and the people behind such a war would probably be the most devout who would not accept this god if it were different from what they believed in and would likely result in them thinking this god to be the devil or whatever evil entity that would oppose their god. These devout would probably kill more people in the name of their gods than ever they have before. Other possible opposition groups against this god would likely be the world governments who would likely be against such evidence of a god as their power would probably diminish overnight. less devout believers would probably more easily accept such evidence.

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