What of if you eventually discover as an atheist that God exist and Hell exist?

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Great question. The Book of Job suggests they're at least equals, doesn't it? And then there's the bit in the NT where Satan offers Christ the whole world. You can't offer what's not yours to give, can you? But Christians would tell us Satan is the Father of Lies to get round this conundrum, wouldn't they, David? That's been the standard response for millennia, and it works if you're not too familiar with the Book of Job and only know the NT.

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My impression is that satan

My impression is that satan was honest, we know what he is doing and what his agenda is. For god however, that being is just one long line of lies, deception and manipulation.

From the beginning god made Adam and Eve, then allowed a scenario to develop where god kicked them out of Eden. One generation later one brother murders another. That is one sick and twisted god. Later mankind was wiped out by a flood, prophets were continually "tested" by lies and deception. And we are to believe that heaven is a nice place? Maybe all of this god's work is one sick game of cruelty, with heaven being the final sick punishment.

Really, who wants to spend eternity with Mormons, fundamentalists, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson? Not to mention all those anally driven Roman Catholic priests?

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I agree with you about the

I agree with you about the devil's honesty.

And her pigtails are so cute :-)


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hahah...love it.

hahah...love it..darkmatter2525


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Eh, it's an old thread, but

Eh, it's an old thread, but what the heck? I've got a little time to kill this evening...

Saint Peter: So, what do you have to say for yourself, huh?

Me: Whoa! Holy shit! This place really exists? Hmph... Who'd-a-thunk-it?... *looking around in awe*.... Hey, impressive. Damn, those gates really ARE pearly. *looking back toward Saint Peter*.... Geeez! That's a huge-ass book you have there!

Saint Peter: *exasperated sigh*... "mumbles to self* Oh-dear-God. Another one of these. *rolling eyes*... Uh-hmmm!... Hey! Pay attention!

Me: *slightly startled*... Okay, okay! Sheesh! You don't have to yell.... *distracted by movement to the left*... Aww SNAP! Is that George Carlin over there?... *jumping up and down and waving arms*... Hey! Mr. Carlin! Hey! I'm a big fan!

Saint Peter: *strumming fingers on book with impatient look on face*... Yoo-hooo!... Hey! You!... Up here! Listen, you're holding up the line and if-...

Me: *interrupting*.. Yeah, yeah! Cool. Sorry, Pete. I understand. But, hey, look, just let the guy behind me go right now, and, uh, I'll be right back, okay?... *takes off running toward George Carlin*... Hey! George! Wait up, man!.....

Saint Peter: *picks up red phone handset*.... Yes, this is SP. Security to the front gate, please.... *waits for response*... Yes, it's another one of those atheists....*waits for response*... No, no. This one took off after Mr. Carlin. They were last seen heading for Gold Street..... *waits for response*.... Yes, the tasers might be needed. Okay, thanks..... *hangs up phone*... *looks back toward line*.... NEXT!

*next person in line approaches podium*.... *looking around in confusion*...

Saint Peter: Ahhh... Well now!... *Big Smile*... Mr. Muhammad! Pleasure having you with us today!...

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What if, we all lived in the

What if, we all lived in the land of "Whatif" and actually didn't care about facts, evidence, or the things we professed to be true. (Can you spell "DARK AGES).

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Like the magical land of

Like the magical land of Heaven, Whatif is a make believe place as well.

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In 2016 a four year old

In 2016 a four year old London boy who was autistic mute and deaf starved to death clutching the dead body of his mother. He had been alone with her for two weeks before he was found.

I'd ask that f****** god why he didn't do anything at all to stop this boy suffering. Or any of the untold suffering it ignores. Though it can intervene according to its followers in the most inane and mundane occurrences.

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@Sheldon Re: "I'd ask that f

@Sheldon Re: "I'd ask that f****** god why he didn't do anything at all to stop this boy suffering."

Well, if it happened during football season, I would say God had his hands full helping everybody's favorite football teams win the Superbowl or National Championship. Priorities, man! Priorities! What's the suffering of one innocent child compared to the happiness of millions of other people?

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What if purple cows with

What if purple cows with wings mutated into existence and took over the earth? What would you be thinking? My, that's a nice shade of purple! With golden polka dots!

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Bertrand Russell would've

Bertrand Russell would've said, ''not enough evidence, God! Not enough evidence.''


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