What "IT" makes you and what "IT" doesn't!

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What "IT" makes you and what "IT" doesn't!

Believing in a god or gods doesn't make you a better person.
"It" doesn't make you a patriot to your respective nation.
"It" doesn't make you moral.
"It" doesn't make you impervious to pain.
"It" doesn't make you a better citizen.
"It" doesn't give you eternal life or immortality.
"It" doesn't make you superior in any way shape or form.
"It" doesn't give you authority over other people nature or animals.
"It" doesn't give you the right to judge, lord over, or dictate how people live their lives.
"It" doesn't give you any special insight on anything.
"It" doesn't determine your or anyone else's destiny.
"It" doesn't protect you from anything,....not even your made up "evil."

What "IT" actually does is make you a believer in an unproven theory that has no merit in reality.

So if any of you believers can tell me what else it does and actually PROVE it, I will be happy to metaphorically listen.

For those that don't believe, please list what else believers claim it does but actually doesn't.

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"It" does not belong science

"It" does not belong in science class or any other classroom.

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“What "IT" actually does is

“What "IT" actually does is make you a believer in an unproven theory that has no merit in reality.”

I would use hypothesis rather than “theory” since religion does not meet the scientific requirements to be considered a “theory”. Paraphrasing Matt Dillahunty: Religion is a preschool hypothesis that left it's lunch at home.

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What IT does is makes you

What IT does is makes you nosy in other peoples business.

IT also makes you a pervert as you judge peoples sexual preferences

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Good to see you're back

Good to see you're back Charvak. Where have you been?

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Good to be back. Nice to be

Good to be back. Nice to be back among you guys. I have posted a bit of my story in the hub.

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One thing that "IT" does is

One thing that "IT" does is delude a person about the finality of death. I'll bet that deluded Christian British soldiers in WW1 going over the top at Verdun or The Somme were less concerned about their well being than someone who grasped the true nature of reality. Mykcob4, you were a Marine and have better insight than I do on this point. I know that I took comfort dealing with angry cattle when I was young because I was under the impression that if things went to hell I would go to heaven. This is no argument for Christianity, but it allows a person to risk their lives in ways that a sane person might not, and it's hard to deny that there is a certain utility in that.

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Like I said before Truett,

Like I said before Truett, YOU are a true THINKER. I love reading your post. Sometimes I don't reply to things because you accurately get to the point (and far more diplomatically than could ever do).

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Thanks a million, Mykcob!

Thanks a million, Mykcob!

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