What made you leave your faith?

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What made you leave your faith?

Hello everyone,

I am sure this question was asked before but I wanted to know, what was the main reason you stopped believing in a higher power? Some incident? Some painful memory or the lack of physical proof. You don't have to be a Muslim or Christian, there many who don't partake in the prayers/rituals but do believe...in their own way.

Or for the sake of debate
What made you restore your faith?

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Ammar.B - "what was the main

Ammar.B - "what was the main reason you stopped believing in a higher power?"

For whatever reason (maybe they didn't get to me earlier enough, or because my grandparents were very progressive) I never believed.

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Ammar- When I was 9 I had a

Ammar- When I was 9 I had a pet frog. One day the frog died. I prayed to God to bring back to life the frog. I prayed for 2 days and waited for God to "fix" my frog. God did not bring back to life my frog. As I got older my dog died. Once again God did not save my dog after I prayed. When I was about 14 my sister got cancer and died. I prayed to God to being back to life my sister. Nothing happened. Terrible things happened everywhere, Tornados, hurricanes, floods, draughts, earth quakes,. and millions of people died. Innocent Children-babies too were dying of diarrhea, hunger, cancer, disease, I was sad about all the innocent babies dying horribly. God did nothing. I realized God did nothing because there was no God. If there was God he was an evil and bad God. --A terrible horrible no good very bad God. Beside all these terrible things and suffering of children I came to realize I had a brain. There are millions of reasons to understand that the burning bush Moses talked to when he received the ten commandments, or Jesus being born of a virgin and the story of Noahs arc or Jesus being resurrected after being dead were ridiculous, dumb, impossible and only an idiot would believe such myths. I am not an idiot. Although I mentioned only a few dumb things that are in the bible there are thousands examples of the immorality, and ridiculous stories that only a 5 year old child would believe. I am not an idiot.

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Never had a faith to leave...

Never had a faith to leave...

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I was raised Christian, one

I was raised Christian, one day I was asked by a friend; why do I believe in God? I thought about for a couple minuets and could only answer that it is because my parents believe in God and that's how I was raised. This answer bothered me quite a bit because I felt that that was not a good reason at all. so I decided to read the Bible, since I claimed belief in its texts and yet NEVER actually read it to begin with I thought that after I read the Bible my 'faith' would be vindicated and I would then have a better reason to give, so after three months I finished the Bible, cover to cover, and found that I COULD NOT possibly believe anything therein, was very confident that the bible simply cannot be true.

Oddly enough though I did learn that I REALLY enjoy studying religion, ever since I have spent 12 years focusing my studies in the Abrahamic religions and Mesopotamian myth. It actually drives my parents crazy that I can talk for hours about religion and quote texts off the top of my head and still reject Christianity altogether and yet none of them have even read the bible but still profess 'belief' and as such I have become the black sheep of my family.

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Prayers were not working on

Prayers were not working on one particular problem from last 3 years almost.....really made me question the power of prayer and I started losing faith in it.........then the usual questions started coming which I now see as common sense..... ;).......apparently we are too busy in our everyday lives most do not have time to think about everything....so faith goes unquestioned

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my mom send me in a christian

my mom send me in a christian school when i was in kinder (about 6-7 years old), and we are obligated to memorize some verses from the bible. while my teacher, explaining those verses one by one to us, im already confused. i cant even believe in myself today that i am remembering it. my elementary days became more crazy from this religous people going to school to spread to us this words of god.... that time i didnt know what to call myself being away and different from them, and then i discovered the word. atheist.

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