What regulates 'we the people'

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What regulates 'we the people'

Not looking for a justification for the existence of gods, simply rational or scientific answers to my following questions and observations. :

Have been thinking about this from when I began to think about the Corona virus.

It is my understanding the world wide ratio of male: female remains constant. Is that true? If not, groovy . If it is true, what is the origin of the regulating mechanism if indeed there is one?

It is also my understanding that there have pretty much always been events which regulate the human population. Things such as pandemics .Eg The black death and the flu pandemic of 1918.

Then of course there is always war somewhere, to varying degrees.

It is also my understanding that there is a major population spike following a war. The bigger the war, the greater the spike (?)

World war 2 killed about as many people as the 1918 pandemic, approx. 50 million. That was followed by the baby boomer generation.

Be interesting to see the rate of population growth after the combination of WW1 AND the following pandemic. If my understanding is correct, there should have been a massive population boom between 1918 and 1939 (1941 for the US) Notwithstanding the depression.

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My father told me that when

My father told me that when the male population of a country exceeds the female population, that country will go looking for a war, though I'm not sure where he got that idea.

China has just such an imbalance today because of its one-child policy, which resulted in the murder of large numbers of female babies by families desperate to have a male heir. I think India is also missing millions of women.

Reliable contraception, or more importantly, contraception under the control of females, didn't exist after any of the major wars and epidemics of the past. I'm not sure whether future megadeath events would be followed by baby booms in the same way.

It seems like human populations tend to have slightly more males than females, and that around 10% of us are likely to be gay. I wonder if that ratio was somehow important to our survival during our evolution as a species. The presence of unmarried "uncles" and "aunts" as extra food producers and protectors would have been significant. The fact that the ratio seems to be genetically hard-wired is interesting. If god hates queers, why did he design our species to produce so many of them?

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cranky47 - It is my

cranky47 - It is my understanding the world wide ratio of male: female remains constant. Is that true? If not, groovy . If it is true, what is the origin of the regulating mechanism if indeed there is one?

Because about 50% of sperm carry the X chromosome, and about 50% carry the Y chromosome?

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Since around half of all

Since around half of all sperm have the X chromosome and the other half contain the Y chromosome, why is that? @geometry dash unblocked

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Regarding the population

Regarding the population growth between 1918 and 1939, it's important to consider that the effects of the pandemic and World War I varied across different regions and countries. While there may have been population spikes in some areas, factors such as the Great Depression and social disruptions could have influenced population growth differently in various parts of the world. https://pgeoutagemap.com

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