"What Science Can Learn From Religion" - NYT Sunday Review 2/3/2019

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"What Science Can Learn From Religion" - NYT Sunday Review 2/3/2019

The last page of today's New York Times Sunday Review has an article by David Desteno a professor of psychology at Northeastern University.

"What Science Can Learn From Religion"

Pre Benne Dick, I would have loved it. Now I couldn't stomach reading the article.

The theologians with the most impact to me are the ones that are using theology as a justification for pedophilia. See yesterday's post at the bottom.

I thought you would find the topic interesting.

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They can learn to lie about

They can learn to lie about the efficiency of their results, promise miracle cures, and when the cures don't work blame the patients for doing things wrong.

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Only one thing can science

Only one thing can science learn from religion is what it has already learned.

Religion is a self-induced delusion.


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@Arakish: Religion is a self

@Arakish: Religion is a self-induced delusion.

Unfortunately it's also imprinted on children by their parents and teachers, and in many places still enforced by religious tyrants.

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@ Algebe

@ Algebe

Yep. So bad to see such delusions always being force fed into our youths. They begin thinking for themselves, surfing the WWW on their devices, find info to the contrary of the religion they were force fed, become confused and depressed when they think about, become terrified about Hell...

And these dumb ass parents have to gall to ask, "What is wrong with today's youth?"

As Old Man is fond of saying (paraphrased), "Strap me over a donkey and fuck me sideways."


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