What to teach children

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What to teach children

Why do so many atheist parents elect to allow their children to make their own decisions on religion? I know they say it's to give them freedom of choice and develop their critical thinking abilities but doesn't it seem silly to even give the option to believe in something so ridiculous? And surely there are other ways to encourage critical thinking?

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I think the logic is (it was

I think the logic is (it was for me); if you don't brainwash em, they will figure it out on their own.

Or to put it another way: There is a reason they instill religion in the very young; it is the only time they can plant that seed without them dying from laughing.

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I can say the same thing

I can say the same thing about teaching a religion.
How can you believe in something so ridiculous ?

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"Why do so many atheist

"Why do so many atheist parents elect to allow their children to make their own decisions on religion?"
Maybe because they know that without the brainwashing there is no way any sane child would even consider such nonsense :)

Which child would choose to go to mass every week on his own to talk to a wall instead of playing football or something?
Without mass and the expectation from parents to see their children brainwashed in their own delusion, there is no way any religion would flourish.

Most parents understand this basic common sens fact and just let their children mature without bothering about it too much.

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