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What is worse...

What do you feel is worse... select one or feel to create your own list...

1. Creationism
2. Young Earthers
3. Flat Earth Hypothesis (it's not a theory)
4. Spirit Science (woo woo)
5. Religious Fundamentalism

Feel free to add others if you so wish...

I personally have quite the dislike for the first 3, mostly because they are anti science and are outrageously poor in meeting the burden of proof!

At least most moderate theists try!

Spirit Science I simply poo poo, and I like to believe others notice the extraordinary level of fuckwittery and cringe!

Religious Fundamentalism is also not good at all, but other then a select demographic of hard-core muppets, they tend to just be vocal and come across as lunatics.

I would personally say creationism is my biggest pet hate, the down right lies they spread and preach is repulsive.

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"I would personally say

"I would personally say creationism is my biggest pet hate, the down right lies they spread and preach is repulsive."

Okay, that's two of us. The others are ferreted out by science but no science can defeat the Faith of stupidity.

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I don't care much about No. 3

I don't care much about No. 3. They're mildly amusing. I don't think most of them are really serious about it.

Creationists/young earthers are people who thought the Flintstones was an historical documentary. They screw around with children's minds, and that's unforgiveable.

The spiritualists use their pseudo-science to prey on the bereaved and lonely. Houdini was a hero for exposing so many of them, but there's still plenty around. I liked Shirley MacLaine as an actress, but as a spirtualist she makes me sick.

Religious fundamentalists are so deep into their religions of love that they're willing to kill for them. They're the worst as far as I'm concerned.

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I would say that populist

I would say that populist nationalist authoritarianism is the biggest menace to humanity.
Next I would say religion particularly christianity. That would include everything on your list.

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The new incarnation of the

The new incarnation of the Flat Earther's are voluntarily ignorant but have never murdered or subjugated anyone. The versions attached to fundamentalism certainly have. Same for the new Young Earthers and all of the above. They do the most harm when a part of fundamentalist religion and have political clout. So, fundamentalism is the worse.

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