What would it take to make you believe?

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Your wrong. Proof is testable

You're wrong. Proof is testable. Proof is repeatable. Proof is falsifiable. The kind of things you're describing aren't proof; not even close

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Anecdotes are useless.

Anecdotes are useless. People claim to have seen Jesus, Odin, Vishnu, Allah, Anansi, fairies, leprechauns, ghosts, unicorns, dragons, Bigfoot, aliens, Elvis Presley, The Illuminati, witches, purple dinosaurs, spaghetti monsters. I probably can't imagine all the crazy things people have seen while high, under surgery, in their dreams, during a psychotic break, etc. It really would be nice if these strange beings they visited would pose for a picture with them or give them a souvenir to take back as proof.

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The concept of the Christian

The concept of the Christian god of the Bible has a lot of parts. Every one of them can, and has, been eradicated in my mind.

- The brain contains EVERYTHING we are. Cut out, damage, or alter pieces of it and you are different. When a body dies the brain dies too. The software is not uploaded anywhere because we are only hardware.

- Flight pilots who experience oxygen deprivation describe similar symptoms of the so-called near death experience: Feeling out of the body, seeing a white light, etc.

- Prayer has been scientifically monitored for effect. There has been no significant differences in outcomes between a control sample and a prayed for sample in every study made.

- No one has ever returned from the dead

- No one knows what happens after we die. Anyone who says that is lying.

- god created us sick and commanded us to be well

- There are thousands of different beliefs in god. Which is correct? It's impossible for them all to be correct. Then why won't god correct?

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Because there is a gap in our

Because there is a gap in our understanding does not automatically mean god fills it. The god gap is a constantly receding hole as we learn new things. Yesterday's mystery (filled by god) is today's scientific certainty. Tomorrow's mystery will get filled by scientific certainty too.

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Supernatural visions always

Supernatural visions always happen to trolls or fools. I think this 'RussianTank' is a troll, perhaps also using other monikers (e.g. 'Longwinded'). Some folk lead sad lives.

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I actually find it deeply

I actually find it deeply saddening, I find atheist forums are usually great and you can have deep conversations/debates even with the odd theist.

But then you always get the odd ones that come in and does out a barrage of nonsense.

And it descends into the same old patterns of us asking the same old questions until it becomes tedious and boring.


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