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What would you do?

An old co-worker of mine contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I would volunteer as a personal reference for him. He's thoroughly convinced there's a god, being the child of missionaries and programmed as a soldier of the gospel army, and looking to spread it. With Africa and the orient opening up to the western world, new missionary opportunities (converts=money) are being exploited so seminaries are taking in new meat. He wants to be part of that carnage.

I recently got an email request from one of the schools he applied with to validate his background. I've got half a mind to vaporize it but knowing the kid, Honest Abe that he is, this is his dream come true. Should I ignore the request or color him the perfect disciple for their religious groove?

This is a test of your altruism versus your atheism. There's pain in them thar decisions.

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I think this is the part

I think this is the part where you weigh the good and the bad. In my case I wouldn't do it because everyone who knows that am an atheist wouldn't even think of me as a personal reference. But since it has been your friends dream, I think you could make an exception as that will also show that atheist are good people.

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Will they hire somebody else

Will they hire somebody else if you refuse to help him?
Surely they will!

I would have given the required information hoping that he will not be disappointed too soon and too hard.

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I'm in agreement with the

I'm in agreement with the both of you. Thanks. "...disappointed too soon and too hard." I hope not. It was all he talked about when we worked together. We'll see.

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Speak the truth?

Speak the truth?
- "He is a completely brainwashed soldier of the gospel army. He is exactly the kind of sheep you are looking for."

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Your former co-worker

Your former co-worker contacted you 2 weeks ago with a request to act as a reference. You could have diplomatically declined directly to him at that time. If you did not actively decline, then you gave applied consent and I think that you have an obligation to be factually correct regarding his background.

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Lemme 'splain.

Some months back when he resigned I offered to write a letter of recommendation for him when applying at another prospective place of employment. I do that for everyone as a professional courtesy upon their separations. I knew him to be very religiously tied but my offer was not towards that end, nor should he have expected it to be knowing I'm an atheist.

A couple weeks back he contacted me and asked if I would agree to be a character reference and I did, thinking it to be for another prospective job for him. It turned out to be a seminary looking to recruit him for missionary work. This blind-sided me. I think him to be skilled as an employee but otherwise I'm not a reference for his chosen religious undertakings. I think it highly assuming on his part to extend my offer to such things. But, religious types do carry a certain amount of (handy) naivete and I dismissed his faux pas.

Still, I thought it a good question to ask here to get a tally and opinions.

Being very young, he has few people to count on in his short life who can vouch for his character. I have decided to put my convictions aside and let him learn on his own what he needs to learn first hand, as Dimitrios suggests. I will complete the inquiry from the seminary on his behalf.

I should have painted a clearer picture in my first post.

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@ Pitar,

@ Pitar,

Fair enough. From experience I know that giving a refernce has the potential to be tricky. Fortunately mine have been of the "present the candidate in the best possible light, while retaining my integrity" type. Your former colleague put a twist in the proceedings, but you seem to have handled it admirably.

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