"What Would You Do?" Atheist Episode

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"What Would You Do?" Atheist Episode

Has anyone seen this episode of "What Would You Do?" I genuinely disagree with the premise, which portrays atheists as intolerant.


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Well now.... That was

Well now.... That was ridiculous. Yeah, they made atheists look like belligerent assholes. As far as I'm concerned, if people want to pray in public, it is their right to do so. I spent seventeen years in the military helping to defend the rights for our citizens to do exactly that. No skin off my nose if a family wants to pray before eating. It's not as if they demanded her to join them. And why would any atheist be offended by somebody praying anyway? Personally, I tend to find it amusing when I see people praying. Reminds me of how thankful I am to no longer be brainwashed by the whole mess. *chuckle*

Pretty sure if I had been there I would have told ol' girl to mind her own business. Then I would have offered an apology to the family who had been praying. But that's just me.

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Well I think I'd have slid my

Well I think I'd have slid my chair over the self-righteous praying people, slapped the guy on the back, and said "How much for ze women? I want to buy your women."

This scene is completely contrived and idiotic. I think the natural reaction of most atheists to ostentatious prayer is to laugh inwardly and ignore it. Now if they'd all lit up cigarettes, I'd have gone in boots and all, but prayer is just pathetic, not carcinogenic, and it doesn't blunt the taste of my food and wine.

Isn't it amazing how members of this entitled, mainstream, domineering cult like to portray themselves as victims. Everything in the whole Western fucking world is set up to cater to their precious needs and sensitivities.

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Now the What-would-you-do

Now the What-would-you-do producers should have an episode featuring a muslim, or hindu or Satanist family giving public thanks for the burgers and fries and record what fundy christians would do with that.

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The problem with such

The problem with such arguments is that they can easily be retorted with the "No, you!" response.

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I can't even imagine an

I can't even imagine an atheist behaving like the girl in the opening scene. Now I have to go and watch the rest. No one gives a shit if a family quietly prays at a table during lunch. I have friends that do it at lunch before they eat. I often wonder if they do it for me. as most of the people I know are well aware of the fact that I am a non-believer. I just wonder sometimes. Still, why in the hell would I care? They get to do what they want to do with their mind and body. Lunch break is not the time to engage in a religious debate. The asshole woman is as intolerant as a Christian. She is not an atheist.BTW. She is an anti-theist and an extremely ridged one at that.

2. The girl behaves like no atheist I have ever seen. Something more realistic might have worked better. Atheist protest, standing on the street near a church, holding a picture of Jesus on the cross, with the caption "YOU KNOW HE'S NOT REAL." and then waiting for reaction would have been more realistic.

3. Calling the woman an atheist does not make it so, So, yes, I have to agree, the whole episode was designed to make atheists look bad. It was poorly conceived and horribly executed. Perhaps we need to start a write in complaint program...... E-mail is too easily deleted and a call in program would never make it to the show.

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No I haven't. nor will I be

No I haven't, nor will I be bothering, citing a single demographic to make a generic derogation speaks for itself, and is as demonstrable an example of bigoted intolerance as you could hope to witness. Why should I care what such people think about me. Especially when it is not based on any evidence of anything I have done or said, but solely because I don't share their belief in a deity.

I am not intolerant of people's right to their beliefs per se, only of individual beliefs that are themselves demonstrably pernicious. Many monotheistic religions abound with such doctrine and dogma, and I will always challenge pernicious beliefs as my morality is based on the premise we should not cause unnecessary harm or suffering to others. Telling someone I don't share their beliefs, and asking them to respect my right to do so isn't pernicious. It's not like I go to their churches to tell them they are deluded after all.

When they seek me out to preach at me, either in here or in any public space then I have every right to offer my own opinion in response. So no I have little interest in giving their video credence by adding the number of views it gets, or getting involved in acrimonious message exchanges that they will try to claim validate their bigotry.

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I lasted 28 seconds but got

I lasted 28 seconds but got the gist of the video. I nor any other atheist that I know would never act that way. We simply find religion irrelevant. If someone wants to pray in public, so be it, They are Americans and have that right.

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I used to frequent a cafe

I used to frequent a cafe where young Christians from a local church gathered. I found the way that they used religious imagery to chat each other up very interesting. Within their "everyday" consciousness they weren't aware of what they were really talking about.

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