What is your reason for being an atheist?

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Hear hear

Hear hear

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Had an interesting Sunday

Had an interesting Sunday morning.

Two women came by the house and, unfortunately, saw me as I was approaching the gate (I wasn't sure, it might be a long lost relative or not LOL) and they were about to leave. That was the moment I realized they didn't want something important.

Here's how the conversation went:

Old lady: Good morning. What is your name?

Me: Nikki (fake name, just for fun).

Old lady: I just want to talk to you about the Good News from God.

Me: I'm not Catholic.

Old lady: Oh, what is your religion?

Me: I don't have one.

Old lady: Why?

Me: I don't need religion.

Old lady: So you don't believe in God?

Me: No.

Old lady: What do you call people with no religion?

Me: Atheist.

Young lady: So you're an atheist because you don't believe in God?

Me: That's one reason.

Old lady: Why don't you believe in God?

Me: I'm in the sciences. We atheists are more of the to see is to believe principle. We want proof and evidence.

Fast forward to the interesting part.

Old lady: So how do you think people came to being?

Me: Evolution.

Old lady: Where did evolution come from?

Me: Science.

Old lady: Darwin.

Me: Evolution did not come from Darwin.

Old lady: But Darwin was the first to introduce the idea. (Then I realized I was a little bit slow on this. I just woke up, forgive me. Haha.)

Me: He was the first, yet. We are related to the monkeys. (What a random example, I know.)

Old lady: So you accept the idea that we come from monkeys?

Me: (I didn't want to debate further because I was still sleepy and really cautious of strangers) Yes and there's nothing wrong with that. We are all living creatures.

Old lady: But do you know, that in the Bible, people are special living things?

Me: I would want to discuss this further but I really do have errands to do so thank you for dropping by.

Old lady: We understand your beliefs (and she was handing me this brochure while I was about to walk away).

Me: I don't need it. Thanks.


There are actually a few reasons I don't believe in God:

1. For so many times, I asked him to end my life but he didn't.
2. I lost my faith in him when I asked him to save both my dogs but he didn't. My mom even placed a rosary on my dog's paws but she died anyway.
3. I got deeper into the sciences as a graduate student. The need for evidence became the most important guiding principle for me since then.
4. Religion is unnecessary. I don't need religion to tell me what's right and wrong. I suppose the laws and my own moral compass should be enough to guide me into doing the right things.
5. Hardcore religious fanatics really make me question humanity sometimes. LOL

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'We understand your beliefs'

'We understand your beliefs' technically we dont have a belief. Also and more important since when does a religious person understand anything lol

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Because there is no God,all

Because there is no God,all historical holy books were created by individuals who didn't want the world community or society to collapse on itself.Back then people were violent and needed proper 'guidance' or 'leash' to keep them in check.People who lacked firm morality without something fearful to keep them in check.Few individuals were not like that,but the majority were.These so called lawgivers had to lie and write fairytales remixed with different spices collected from around the world to bind the ignorant to a peaceful community. And people believed them and accepted it aswell.Because humanity needed someone to guide them.

It is like when your parents or guardian holded or pushed the bycycle when you were a child,because you couldn't balance and fall.But after you learn to ride,you do not need the support anymore. I myself believed in God coz my parents forced it in me in childhood,to have faith in some non-existant being to guide me,when i needed support.Now I am an adult and don't need that specific binding guiding me because i learnt taht it was a lie this whole time to stabilize me and i learnt my lesson and moved on without that "support" anymore because i can balance myself now...(ps. not good in writing hope u understand)

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Scientific proof of evolution

Scientific proof of evolution is more sensible than the concept of god.

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did you ever consider that

did you ever consider that because your parents took you to church since birth and you have been indoctrinated with all this religious gospel that go have been brainwashed......You are now 15 and should be old enough to question some of the Bible fallacies......We are not all descendants from Adam and Eve and Eve was certainly not made from Adam's rib...The snake in the garden of Eden could not have been able to speak to Eve...Since the written word was non existent then who witnessed all of this???? Did you ever think that someone thought it would make an interesting tale....Think about it and ask questions you will be so amazed on all the fallacies included in the bible....

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Had a fantasy once that a

Had a fantasy once that a bible would be found older than any existing bibles to prove it was authentic.
The first page would say 'this is a work of fiction and resemblence to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental' lol

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What makes you think

What makes you think something had to happen to 'make' us atheists.
Being religious is about being made to do things religious people either believe because they were made to go to church as mallible children or had something bad happen like a death or illness that scared them into accepting god as a crutch.
I cannot speak for all atheists as we are not an organised institution but myself i just went to school and facts told be religion was made up.

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I am also a devout catholic

I am also a devout catholic until I reached may age of reason. Age of reason for me is when you finally utilizes the full potential of your intellectual capabilities by releasing yourself from the bondage of blind faith and total servitude. I am not trying to be some know it all geek. But all logic and reason leads to self-rationalization and freedom from religious intoxication.

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It astounds me how so many

It astounds me how so many people are utterly unable to see the logic. Even presented with iron clad facts they refuse to consider that their religion can be wrong.
A thought experiment, all religions cannot be true. If one is true the others are false. All current and past religions except those deemed cults like scientology have an equal chance of being correct. Since there are more that can be incorrect than can be correct it stands to reason none are correct if all have an equal chance of being correct.
Thats just taking evidence out of the equation when you add the evidence its undeniable that religions are false.
That said i do not state there is no god theres not enough evidence to confirm or deny a creator, although i personally dont buy it, but there is enough to deny our man made religions.

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I just want to mention a few

I just want to mention a few things the bible 'says' wherrever 2 or more are gathered there i am. That means you dont need church so who needs church oh yea priests.
Theists christians in particular love to say you cannot understand the movltives of god he is beyond comprehenshion. So what makes them believe he understands us? Do we understand ants?
Theres the endless what created that question asked by both sides. But we know enough to know the universe can begin from nothing infact 'empty' space is full of particles being created from nothing and returning to nothing all the time.
Indeed the likely end of this universe will be nothingness and that will give birth to another eventually.

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I distinctly remember it. It

I distinctly remember it. It was 1993 and I was nearing the end of my freshman year in high school. Two of my closest friends at that time were brothers, Mark and Al. They were Catholic. I was still attending the Episcopal church, solely because my Mom wanted me to, in which I had been raised. I was an acolyte back then and I'd stayed after church for "practice." We were going through what was essentially a rehearsal. The sermon was about Abraham and Isaac. Father Rock regarded the story of Abraham and Isaac as an illustration of "God's mercy." That's when it broke. I don't ever remember thinking of religion in anything other than allegorical terms to begin with, but that was the first time I thought, "No, That's just wrong." Abraham was going to kill Isaac right up until god intervened. I thought to myself, "that was not an act of mercy, but an act of depravity unworthy of an enlightened human being, let alone the creator of the World." Couple that with the fact that Al was a habitual drug user and small time dealer and Mark was well on his way to becoming a violent criminal, even though as devout catholics they had anointed themselves as morally superior to me and my "diet coke church." The connection between religious faith and morality was permanently severed. It took a fraction of a second to connect those things in my head and god has been out ever since. I realize now that I never really believed, I just hadn't given it any thought before that point.

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That to me constitutes a lie

That to me constitutes a lie and a cruel one yet god was so against lying its in the ten commandments that he supposedly magicked into being. No ones ever found them you really think something the creator made could be destroyed.


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