whats your opinion on world religion?

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whats your opinion on world religion?

Okay. So um hey guys i just need some help with this assignment i have for a world religion class and i am to ask the opinions of atheists/ agnostics or whoever and i dont know where else to go. so i just need yalls insightful and helpful responses to these questions. THANK YOU SO MUCH PLEASE KNOW YOU ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED!

1.   How would you (the non-Christian) describe your religious background and church involvement?
2.      To you, what is God like? Describe God.
3.      What do you think is important and unimportant to God?
4.      What do you think it takes to be straightened out with God?
5.      Describe what the term Jesus Christ means to you.
6.      From your perspective, what are the major problems of churches today?

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I moved this from Site

I moved this from Site Support to the Debate room...a better fit for it.

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Thx, Travis. Started reading

Thx, Travis. Started reading from the bottom of the page up this morning.

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No problem, just doin' mah

No problem, just doin' mah part!

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1. Minimal

1. Minimal
2. No such thing
3. There is no god so NA
4. See 3
5. A swear word.
6. Interfering in things that don't concern them, like gay rights, women's rights, birth control etc, and trying to influence policy making. Government is secular and should stay that way.

Are you sure this is right forum to be asking these questions?

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